The On-The-Mend Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Big Shot, the gigantic, power packed, missile cannon on wheels, by Marx!

One year for Christmas, I received a similar toy, a cannon that shot cannonballs, and I spent most of the day shooting the ornaments out of the tree. It magically vanished by the feast of St. Stephen.

The Week That Was

This has not been a good week overall. I woke up Wednesday with what turned out to be a UTI, one that my doctor says started several weeks ago based on all the things he saw in my sample. I’m on Cipro twice a day for ten days (this is Day 5). That stuff is wonderful: I feel like I’m back to normal, although I know better and will take all the pills as ordered, and might even get the refill and take those, too. I’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow and see what he says. I found out when I went in that (a) it was his birthday and (b) he’s retiring later this year. I’ll have to break in a whole new doctor next year.

Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.


First, I posted a Battle of the Bands last week, “Battle ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’: Cliff Bennett & The Rabble Rousers vs. Blood, Sweat & Tears.” Turnout was better than it has been; I’m not sure why. I think I’ll do the BotB once a month, on the 15th, for a while and see how that goes. The final score:

Cliff Bennett & The Rabble Rousers: 8
Blood, Sweat & Tears: 5

Congratulations to Cliff and the boys, and a pat on the back to David Clayton-Thomas and his boys for a good battle. Tune in August 15 for another edition of Battle of the Bands!

The theme was numbers, which I had done already on a couple of occasions, so I cannibalized those lists and added a few new ones. The topic went especially well, with little overlap between people’s lists.

I re-ran my Two for Tuesday on Lee Ritenour from 2013. Lee and Larry Carlton are guitar heroes of mine.

This week’s one-liner was from Lamebook again and concerned the pronunciation of words borrowed from French. It sparked a lively discussion about the relative difficulty of English versus French and the general difficulties of learning to pronounce words in either language. I heard recently that taking Latin and French simultaneously produces better results in both languages. Had I known that, I might have tried it. The main difference between Latin and French is that you have to learn to speak the latter, although if you read any of the epics by Roman authors, dactylic hexameter works better if you learn how the Romans supposedly spoke.

We could write anything we wanted, but it couldn’t be longer than eleven lines, which I read as eleven sentences. Anyway, I wrote about my recent experiences with GIMP, an open-source image editor that is supposed to be able to do nearly everything that Adobe Photoshop can do, and for a whole lot less (it’s free).

I found the oldest survey that ARSA had on hand, which just happened to be from WSBC, a Chicago radio station that shared the 1240 AM frequency with two other stations until 1998 and is still going strong, broadcasting from the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest side. WSBC had hired the first African American disk jockey in radio history, and he was the person who compiled the survey for October 16, 1948. I had to make it a Top 10 minus one, as one of the records was so obscure I couldn’t find it on YouTube, the first time that’s ever happened.

The prompt was “organ,” and while I might have talked about the condition for which I’m taking Cipro, I decided instead to talk about church life and the misadventures of having our Chicago parish merged with another and the reaction of the elderly organist when he learned that the renovations to the old church did not include an overhaul of the instrument in the choir loft. It also sparked a lively discussion that managed to attract a comment from my dear Aunt Jinx, Uncle Jack’s (and my mother’s) sister. Both of them told me that a number of other parishes in Chicago have been merged, no doubt learning from the mistakes they (and we) made, since ours was the first. The comments were great, and when you have some time, I encourage you to read them.

I’m not planning any great departure from what things are like around here. You might see some changes to the artwork, if I can get my act together and create some new stuff. Tomorrow’s topic has been chosen (thanks to Uncle Jack), I’m going through my Two for Tuesdays to choose one that hasn’t been heard in a while. I have my one-liner for Wednesday, and I apologize in advance for the mild profanity. Waiting for prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and to see what ARSA suggests on Friday.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

19 thoughts on “The On-The-Mend Week That Was

  1. Cipro IS a good one, glad you’re on the mend! I’m sorry to hear you’ll have to break in a new doc, tho. Dang. I had to do that a few years ago, and I picked a lady nearly 20 years younger than myself WITH HOPE SHE’LL PRACTICE TIL I’M NO MORE, because new docs are not my fave. I’m glad people get to retire, just too selfish to completely celebrate it 😉
    Cannonball toys wouldn’t have lived long here, either!


    1. Cipro is fantastic, and it works quickly, which I really needed. I was in agony with it.

      We’ve had similar bad experiences with dentists. We chose our current dentist (more like the practice) because one of Mary’s friends recommended them. Both the dentists who were part of that practice left within two years and they just recently brought in a dentist who seems to have her head screwed on straight.

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  2. Nothing worse than breaking in a new doctor. I hope you find someone good. And Hurry up Wednesday. Now you’ve piqued my interest 😂


    1. Hope it’s not a disappointment when all is said and done.

      The practice my doctor belongs to has a number of other doctors, and no doubt they’ll have someone new join it, so I’m not concerned about finding a new one. They all work with my insurance, too, which is a huge plus.

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  3. Yes, yes, you had to be a beeg shot, dint ya… sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Better to find out you have something treatable than having the doc scratching his head. We had to find a new doc this year because insurance no longer paid for the old ones. Getting treated as you get older is a pain, but it beats the alternative.


    1. I had to think about what you were talking about for a minute there…

      I’ve had UTI’s before, so I know the drill. I was worried when he said it looked like it had been building for a while that it might be something worse. But, nope, ten days on Cipro and I’m good as new.

      For me, it was having to find a new pharmacy earlier this year. Aetna, who has my Medicare Advantage plan, is being bought by CVS Caremark and they dropped Walgreens as a preferred pharmacy, so I had to transfer all my prescriptions to CVS at the beginning of the year. It wasn’t a situation like yours (geez, having to find a new doctor?) but still a hassle. We had enough trouble finding a new dentist…


  4. Hi John – so glad to hear you’re on the mend … and being practical with the meds … oh we’re of the age when our specialists all feel their age too – and get the urge to retire … I left the UK with my doc saying … I may have retired by the time you come back – sad! Cheers and carry on taking care … Hilary


    1. Thanks! The thing about my doctor retiring is that he’s only a couple of years older than I am. I know I’ve been retired for over four years now, but I retired on disability. He’s still in good shape…


    1. Cipro’s amazing. Every time I’ve taken it, I start to feel better almost immediately.Of course, as Mary said, it probably works so well because we don’t take antibiotics all the time and finish the prescription, regardless of how good I feel. Kind of scares me to know that this had been building for a couple of weeks before it presented itself, but it’s getting better, and that’s all that’s important.

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  5. Good Battle outcome. My votes were down a bit this time, but then I haven’t been visiting around to other blogs very much while I was on vacation. I wasn’t sick this past week, but I might as well have been considering how little I got done. Then again I guess I can use the excuse that I was recovering from my vacation.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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