Toast And Marmalade For Tea #socs

Today’s prompt brought this little ditty to mind.

One of the comments said, “If I ever want to just lie down and sleep forever I think I would play this on a loop.”

Toast and marmalade for tea
Sailing ships upon the sea
Aren’t lovelier than you
Or the games I see you play

You more lovely than the day
When the sun is in your eyes
I see through your disguise
Or the games I see you play

Maurice Gibb wrote and produced it, an Australian band named Tin Tin sang it. Steve Kipner, the band’s lead vocalist, went on to write “Hard Habit To Break” for Chicago and “Physical” for Olivia Newton-John, for starters. Another member of the band, John Vallins, co-wrote “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late,” a #1 hit for Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams, with Kipner’s father, Nat. A third member, Steve Groves, wrote the song “On The Loose (Again),” which won the Australian Popular Song Contest.

Amazing the things you learn when you research these things. I just thought it was a sweet little song.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Silly Putty, because nothing else is Silly Putty!

20 thoughts on “Toast And Marmalade For Tea #socs

    1. I don’t think they mentioned it in the commercial, but I remember a big selling point was you could roll it into a ball and it would bounce. We lost more Silly Putty that way…

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    1. “Hard Habit To Break” was a great song at a time Chicago didn’t have many.

      All the key events in my life – graduating from grammar school, high school, and college and getting married – happened in the ’70’s. It was a busy ten years for me…

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      1. 🙂 that is wonderful. It is fun to remember key events by dates and what was happening at the time. I have such vivid memories of the 70s and music was such a big part of it. The proverbial conversation starter … Where were you when ?

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    1. You have to be in a specific mood to listen to that song. That and Marmalade’s “Reflections Of My Life”; they both set a wistful, reflective mood. Sometimes you need that…

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  1. Whew – between some of the songs you mentioned and the Silly Putty commercial, I feel like I just had a giant leap back into time! Great post.


    1. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’ll make that leap and not be able to make it back. I think the reason I take so many excursions into my past is to figure out where the wheels came off…

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  2. I wanna get digital, digital, I wanna get digital, let’s get into digital…

    -Apologies to Olivia Newton-John, whose name use to adorn the women’s room door at Half Moon Bay CA’s Miramar Beach Inn (men’s had Elton John)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


    1. I saw Miramar and immediately thought of the Sheraton (now Fairmont) Miramar in Santa Monica, where I stayed once when I was teaching at the LA office, but that’s about 381 miles further south…


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