The End-Of-July Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Crayola Crayons. They work on brains, not batteries!

Long before Gameboy and Nintendo and a thousand games on smartphones, there were Crayola Crayons. If you had the box of 64, with the sharpener on the back, life didn’t get any better.

The Week That Was

Moving a little slowly today. I’m over the UTI, thanks to Cipro (I finished the prescription on Friday, and got it refilled just in case), so I’m getting back to normal. Here’s the summary for the week.

We had done numbers the week before, and a suggestion from Uncle Jack gave me the idea to do units of measure. Strangely, I missed units of measure that dealt with time, so those will likely come up again, maybe as early as tomorrow.

This week’s encore performance was from Wes Montgomery, who may have turned out to be one of the first “Smooth Jazz” guitar players had he lived a few years past 1968. A great straight-ahead jazz player who gradually worked pop music into his repertoire.

I uttered Wednesday’s one-liner after doing something (and I can’t remember what) that impressed me. It might have had something to do with GIMP, with which I created the graphic.

“Hazy” was the prompt and it made me think of a song by Nat King Cole, which made me think of another by Jimi Hendrix, which might have been where the essay went had I not pulled it back on track.

This week’s survey once again came from Radio Veronica, from 1974. Their Top 10 was much different from the Top 10 here, which made it interesting.

The prompt “T, tee, tea” brought to mind a delightful little song from the early ’70’s that I hadn’t thought about in years, so I talked about that.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow’s theme on M4 is “songs in sign language.” The requirement is for two songs, so you know I’ll be doing somthing else, too. Another encore for Two for Tuesday, a humorous one-liner, and replies to prompts. And who knows what else?

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “The End-Of-July Week That Was

  1. The box of 64 crayons meant the world to me. Ah the memories. And now they have adult coloring books. I should start coloring again.


    1. If you start coloring again, make sure you get the box of 64. They changed out a few of the colors a while back and were selling them separately. Remember that? Sometimes I think coloring might have helped me rehab my hand…

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  2. We got a new box of 64 Crayola crayons with the sharpener every year from Santa for Christmas. It was heavenly — also was how I found out there was no Santa. My mom was having me help her wrap presents and I guess she forgot they were in one of the bags because I pulled it out and said something like “I thought Santa gave us these?” She must have thought I was old enough to handle the truth because she said, “Don’t tell your little sister.”


    1. Crayons were the quintessential Christmas gift. Whoever stuck them under the tree… My favorite gift was the Spirograph I got one year and discovering all the stuff you can do with it.

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