My Least Favorite Social Media Platform

So, we have seven prompts for today. Which one do I choose?

Talk about your least favorite social media platform.

That’s easy.

Facebook is the social media everyone loves to hate. If you don’t hate them for shadow-banning users, you hate them for the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco. I don’t get a whole lot of pleasure out of it, because I have to keep telling it to present everything in chronological order, which isn’t actually chronological. Their idea of “chronological” is that a post jumps to the top of my timeline when someone comments on it or “likes” it. I care about the posts (or status updates or whatever the hell they call them) themselves, not about the comments or “likes.” I don’t really care about the “top stories,” because whoever or whatever decides what those are is stupid.

I’m sure there are ways to make Facebook do what I want it to do, but I’m sure it would take a three-day class to explain it all, and even then I wouldn’t know all the secrets, because things are always changing. And I don’t keep up because, well, I don’t care. I don’t spend hours flipping through Facebook any more. I give it ten minutes a couple of times a week, tops, just to see if anyone in my family has anything going on that I should know about.

And who came up with the idea of Facebook Messenger? If I’m sitting at my desktop, I’ll read the messages I get on Facebook Messenger. If not, I don’t want to mess with it. I don’t want to install another app on my phone or tablet just so I can see that someone I follow on Facebook is now on Messenger. I got over the IM thing with AOL in the ’90’s. If it’s that important, pick up the phone and call me, or better, send me an email. I feel like Stan on South Park.

13 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Social Media Platform

  1. It definitely has changed. I used to enjoy seeing updates from friends and it was very helpful while we were trying to gather everyone together for our 40th high school reunion a few years ago but it seems that during and since the last election it is so bad. I do use it for some groups I participate in (the A to Z for one!) and to showcase some of the crafting I do but other than that there is nothing there for me. I refuse to put the messenger app on my phone too!


  2. I’m on Facebook but do exactly what you are doing. Now, come to think of it, I do t think I even checked it in a week…I forget. The South Park clip is too funny.


  3. I’m on FB like twice a week now, and my friends are dropping me from Scrabble games there and while that part makes me a bit sad, I mostly start out laughing and smiling on there, and then quickly, I see dumb crap and get annoyed and leave. There are a lot of people I love who I kinda only see there, so it makes me wish it was how it was. ABOUT TEN YEARS AGO before everyone was on it.
    WP is wonderful, Twitter makes me LOL from time to time, and Instagram is nice as pie.


  4. I had high school/middle school aged kids when Facebook appeared on the scene. For years I stayed away from it, giving them their space. Probably 5 years ago my son made me a Facebook page now that they are all grown and less sensitive to parental intrusion. After being on Facebook approximately three times in all that time, I finally and defiantly deleted it as a message to Mark Zuckerberg to get his act together. I bet that really got him! He’s no doubt still stinging! I do recalling recently that their stock value had taken a plunge.


  5. In some ways, social media can be a great platform for re-connecting with others, as has been pointed out in other comments here. It worked great for my big high school reunion but, after that, slowly sunk into the depths of hell as politics turned everything social into a damn war zone. I’m on Facebook often and try to keep a lighthearted attitude, avoiding the haters and trolls and asinine posts people should research before they warn the world for the zillionth time that residents of the planet Mars are stealing personal data. We ALL know that’s China, duh!

    Twitter? Meh. Rarely use it anymore. Instagram? Great for sharing ridiculous memes at times, not much else.

    Frankly, I felt rather bad about that stock plunge. For about 1 1/2 seconds.


    1. I’d’ve felt worse about the stock plunge if I had money invested in Facebook. But I didn’t. HA!

      I use Twitter during severe weather to see the tweets from people that live in the area. It’s nice to know what’s coming, if anything. I use Instagram mostly for the pretty pictures of Chicago, where I grew up. I would never want to move back, but it is still a beautiful city. Facebook has its purposes; it’s good for staying in touch with family and friends from the past, but I can do without all the drama. I’m using Pinterest and Reddit a lot lately and finding I really enjoy them. It’s easy to avoid the stuff you don’t want…


  6. HAHAHAHA. OMG, that Southpark bit is hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh….
    I am laughing silly over here. I just listened to it again for the third time. He sounds like me at the computer, talking to myself, and I say “Jesus Christ” in the same way he does. hahaha
    “Dude, fuck Facebook, seriously…”
    I love it! Obviously, I never saw this Southpark clip… Perfect for a Monday!


  7. I was on FB for a blink back in about ’09. Couldn’t see what the fuss was about it then, even less now. I don’t need to know every little thing about everyone and I don’t need to reconnect with people who I haven’t had contact with for aeons. If our friendship didn’t last in real life why would it matter at a cyber level?


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