The Sound Of One Hand Typing Is Now On Facebook!

I got a note this morning from IFTTT…

I had been using IFTTT to post status updates to Facebook and Twitter, so this meant I was going to have to find another way to let everyone know I had a new post. Fortunately, WordPress has a way to do that, but it involved setting up a Facebook page rather than just posting to my personal timeline.

Just so happens I was building a page anyway.

So, go have a look at the page, like it and subscribe, and you’ll get a notice whenever I post something here. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “The Sound Of One Hand Typing Is Now On Facebook!

  1. Didn’t you just write that you dislike FB? This begs the question why would you make a page there for your blog if you hate the place? I avoid FB like the plague, so I ended my blog FB page years ago. I’m confused…


  2. I know I just read your previous post but I have a feeling you have to go through these channels or that people you know only follow through Facebook. I hate when they change things up


    1. Right. I don’t especially like Facebook and Twitter, but I still use them to announce the blog entries, and some people prefer to comment there. It’s all about options…


  3. Hi John – thanks for this … and interesting information – not sure what I’m doing yet – but have noted … cheers Hilary


  4. Hey John,
    I have a technical question because you always seem to have all the answers. I posted my BOTB results post today and got the FB message that my posts can no longer link to my profile (which sucks) so I went through the steps to link to a page (whatever that means because I can’t even get that far). When I follow the directions, I click Connect next to the FB icon in the WP Sharing dashboard page and it’s listing my business FB page (Accent Gem Designs). I can’t figure out how to get it to list my personal page. I went ahead and connected to the business page and then checked the box to link to a different account but I get a message that it can’t do that because “The Facebook connection could not be made because all available accounts are already connected” — but that’s not true. Any ideas how to make FB recognize my personal page so I can continue to link fb to my page so my blog posts will post there?? Thanks in advance


    1. I got your email about this, too. WordPress announced the change on their blog here:

      Facebook, as always, is clear as mud as to the difference between a “page” and a “profile.” What you call your “personal page” (and what everyone else calls their “personal page”) is a “profile,” and you can no longer post from WP to a profile. You either have to set up another page like you have for your business or convert your profile to a page before you can have WP post to it. I went with the former.

      Hope that helps…

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      1. Thanks John. I don’t understand the difference between a page and a profile. The whole point of posting our WordPress posts to our profiles is for our posts to go into our Friends’ newsfeeds, right? So does a page go into newsfeeds? I just don’t get it. I’m heading over to the article you linked (thank you!) and trying to find some answers in the FB community. Why this change anyway? It’s stupid. I hate facebook. It’s just a pain in the ass more than anything.


        1. A page shows up in the newsfeeds of the subscribers (followers, if you will), so you have to drum up business for yourself. It’s a real pain in the ass, and it just gets worse everytime they try to “simplify” things. Dan made the comment that’s it’s too much work to get what you want out of Facebook, and he’s absolutely right. I was reading a comment somewhere that said the heads of the social media companies realize it’s 3 AM and the people that haven’t passed out have gone home and that the party’s over.


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