Robotween #socs

Start with a couple of songs here, just because that’s where my stream of consciousness takes me…

Blondie, “Call Me.”

Chicago, “Call On Me,” the first song written by trumpeter Lee Loughnane.

Practically all the calls I get these days are robocalls from telemarketers. I have a rule: if I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer. They leave messages for me, some of which seem to be read by a 12-year-old girl, who I have named “Robotween.” I’m sure she’d like to engage me in conversation. Tough. Kim Komando says that the IVR systems they use want to try and get you to use a word that they can then use to steal all your money. I’m sure Kim is right, but that’s not the reason I don’t answer their call. I don’t answer their call because I don’t want to encourage them. It’s amazing how few calls I get from them now.

Since the stroke, I really don’t like talking on the phone. It’s not so much that I slur my words, I just don’t like holding the phone up to my ear. I’m sure I have carpal tunnel in my left arm, because after a few minutes my hand is all pins and needles and it starts to hurt. Whenever possible, I put the phone on speaker and set it on the table. I used to have one of those Bluetooth earpieces, which I never kept charged and went dead on me, and it costs an arm and a leg to get a new one. Even if I knew the people selling the thing, it’d cost an elbow and three toes…

On a completely different topic, I know a lot of you were confused with the juxtapositioning of my posts on Thursday, where in one I was talking about how much I hate Facebook and in the other I was announcing the new page for the blog on Facebook. I’m not really a fan of Facebook, but it’s the way most of my non-blogging family and friends learn about new posts, and some comment there instead of on the page here. It’s kind of like the old Listerine commercials, where people talked about hating the taste of Listerine, but they still use it twice a day. You’ll see in a minute…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s morgan Freeman for Listerine, the taste people hate twice a day.

25 thoughts on “Robotween #socs

  1. Oooh love Blondie and wish that song had popped into my head instead of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

    I have an affliction (my term for it) where I have to answer a call (when I see or hear it). Might be all those years in a call center trying to avoid RONAs (rolled over not answered). I miss a fair amount of calls by not having my phone on me 24/7. But I also get a fair amount of robocalls since I have to answer any time it rings.

    The FB change annoys me. I found out by accident last night. I now have a FB page too as a work around. I have not invited more than 5 people to my page because somehow that seems like sales tactic. Hopefully they will find me. And the $10 boost to get followers (oh my word).

    Man I am talkative this morning. lol. Your post hits on all cylinders for me today. Have a wonderful Saturday! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I’m not a fan of those callers either – and I don’t answer if I don’t recognize the #. There seems to have been an increase in them lately. Enjoy your weekend – hope it is robo call free!


    1. They’ve slowed down for me, and I notice a lot of them no longer leave a message if they get my voice mail. I figure, if it was someone who needed to speak to me or that I wanted to hear from, they’ll leave a message, and I can call back.


  3. I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize either, but they keep coming. Recently they’ve started leaving voicemails that are threatening jail if you don’t call back. So now I’m blocking the numbers! And I agree with you about Facebook too, but in my rural community it’s the best way to get out the word about fires, lost animals, and community events. Enjoyed your blog😊


    1. Thanks! I blocked numbers for a while, then I learned about Truecaller, which lets you know it’s spam before you answer, if they know it is. If they don’t, you can tell them it was spam by leaving a review, i.e. “Robotween selling home security systems.”

      Facebook is a big pain in the backside, but it has its uses. Mary follows what’s going on in the neighborhood, and I announce what’s going on here on the blog, and the groups are pretty good….

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    1. There are people who think the road to riches is to grab all the domains they think will be worth something then sell them at a handy profit. I figure the same is happening now with Facebook and Twitter. Bottom feeders…

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  4. I don’t answer calls if I don’t recognize the number either. I still get a quite a few calls, most of which don’t bother to leave a message or if they do it’s a recorded scam message. But we all have to be even more careful, now, though, since there’s a lot of scammers using spoofed phone numbers too. So you may get a call from a number that you think you know but it turns out to be a scammer instead.


    1. Most of the calls I get are supposedly from the same area code and exchange as ours. I know the number is spoofed, so I don’t answer. In fact, if the number isn’t in my contact list, I let it roll over. I can always call them back and add them

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  5. My husband started making a list of the area codes from the spam calls we were getting (he’s retired and bored). I doubled checked to see if we were on the Do not call list and we are. The worst ones I’ve gotten recently were the ones from “Apple” where they called 10 times in a row – no joke – to tell me that my account was in danger. I do have Apple things but I know a spam when I hear one.


  6. Love Blondie and I hate those telemarketers also but, sometimes, we have fun and last week we got a call and I answered it. It was those horrible people to clean out the vents so I just acted like an old deaf woman..they hung up on me! Hahahaaaaa. I had a feeling the Facebook was something like that for you. I watched the listening commercial and I actually remember it but had no clue Morgan Freeman was in it. He really cultivated his voice later on didn’t he?


  7. I don’t like those calls and don’t answer my phone unless it’s someone I know. My phone indicates if the call is a robocall – love this feature! I can also put the unwanted calls on my reject list – love this feature as well. Back in the day, I worked in a call center and took over 100 calls a day. Needless to say, I don’t like to answer or talk on my phone.


    1. I’df rather do just about anything than talk on the phone….

      I have Truecaller and whatever AT&T’s spam blocker is, but I just let everything roll into voice mail and deal with it there. Much less stressful.

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  8. Same. Annoying. We’re on Do Not Call, but umm, they call!
    Got one the other day, and it’s a lady who tries to make it seem like she knows you. She’s all, “Amy?” then a laugh, “That’s okay, I’m worse with names than Adam! I’ll try to … ” and I hung up. So weird.


    1. With a lot of the robocalls, their attitude is “we don’t care who we call; they have to find us first.” Most of the numbers are spoofed. I called one of the numbers to give them a piece of my mind, and a very nice lady said she hadn’t made the call, but that telemarketers were using her number as a front. Considering practically all of the numbers I’ve been getting spam from use the same area code and exchange that Mary and I do, our numbers are probably being used for the same nefarious purpose. If I ever figure out who’s doing it, I’m gonna bust ’em in the mouth…

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  9. LOVE those songs! Love/Hate Facebook. Sometimes a telemarketer will slip through cause maybe it’s my relative calling from Indianapolis. What an awful job that must be. I’m gonna listen to Chicago now.


        1. All the albums are on YouTube as playlists. I like to pick one and just play it from beginning to end, because that’s the way I’ve always done it. It’s reassuring to know what songs are coming and in what order, a constant in an ever-changing world. I bought The Beatles’ white album on cassette, and the songs were knocked out of order so they could fit them on the tape. Screwed up the whole experience…


          1. YouTube is pretty amazing. I also listen to albums sometimes when I go work on my parents’ house. I found an old turntable there. It is comforting to hear the next song coming in the right order.

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