#1LinerWeds From r/ShowerThoughts on Reddit

One of the many reasons we no longer go to the movies.

I’ve been hanging out at Reddit a lot lately. It’s kind of like Facebook and Twitter but without all the drama. At least, I haven’t found any yet.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about the Mattel Snubnose .38 revolver and shoulder holster and Mattel Greenie Stick-em caps. You can tell it’s Mattel: It’s Swell!

In the ’60’s we played with (toy) guns all the time…

18 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds From r/ShowerThoughts on Reddit

  1. That’s how I feel about the digital subscription to our local paper. It includes all the “print” ads, but they keep popping up extra ads on the bottom. Clearing them is like playing whack-a-mole.


    1. I’m sure there’s more than enough drama to go around, but it’s easy enough to unsubscribe from a Subreddit if things go sideways. I’ve done some of that already, for all kinds of reasons.


  2. I fully agree – if you have this many advertisements, then you don’t need my money. Especially if you expect me to but popcorn or a drink. Crazy. I figure if its good enough it will show up eventually on TV. I will wait, then I can pause to fix a snack or go to the restroom.


    1. Exactly. We aren’t big movie fans to begin with, and theaters are not handicapped-friendly. Everything comes to one of the streaming services eventually these days, so if there’s something we want to see we can stream it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. But generally there’s nothing we want to see. The studios don’t care once you reach 55, and we’re well beyond that now.


  3. With programming like Hell on Wheels (about first US Transcontinental Railroad) and Godless (large outlaw gang terrorizing southern Colorado and New Mexico) to choose from on Netflix, we rarely go to movies anymore either. The last one I remember well was Andy Weir’s The Martian, worth seeing on a really big screen with a good sound system. But mostly we wait until we can see it on Netflix, or find it on over-the-air TV.

    We also refuse to pay rapacious rates for cable or satellite programming we’ll only ever watch a tiny amount of. As we’ve discovered on our RV travels, it’s amazing how much good over-the-air programming there is all over the US West (not the former Baby Bell) and US Midwest, especially on PBS.


    1. We cut the cord a couple of years ago and bought an indoor antenna, and we get all the TV we want, although we have trouble pulling in the PBS stations for some reason. I’ve got a signal booster on the antenna and the transmitters are about the same distance as the other stations, so all I can guess is their signal isn’t as strong, although it’s strong enough that I can find the stations when I scan.

      Mary will get on Netflix for a while, then get off it when they run out of stuff she likes. I’ve soured on movies in general. We’ve reached the age where the studios don’t really care what we want to see, and that suits me just fine.


  4. We usually wait for the DVD to come out and watch it at home sans previews. B is not a fan of all the remakes or reboots and claims there is no originality these days.


    1. Adblock was okay, but was blocking more than just the ads and was reducing the functionality of the page in some cases. For example, it would block commenting when the page used the Facebook comment feature. I switched to uBlock when I discovered that the only way to get those things was to turn the adblocker off altogether, which defeats the purpose.

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  5. I still love to see movies on the big screen but we can point out which company invested in the film especially if Aquaman stands beside a huge poster of Coke. That commercial with the kid leave s me shaking my head since…you can shoot your eye out..or somebody else’s.


    1. Like in “A Christmas Story”: You’ll shoot your eye out! We were taught how to be safe with potentially dangerous toys, which, when you think about it, is practically all of them. Back then, parents would tell you not to point a gun at anyone, whether or not it was loaded or even real, and would also warn you against doing anything that would cause serious injury or death to yourself or anyone else. Not that it always worked, mind you…


  6. OMG! We rarely go out to the movies. Last month we went to see Solo and sat through 30 minutes of commercials BEFORE the previews! Next time, I won’t work so hard to be there for the “showtime.”


    1. It’s been a few years since we’ve gone, and it’s gotten really expensive, so it’s likely we’re not going again. Really, everything comes to Amazon or Netflix or whatever and we’d rather save the money and watch it at home. Any movie that simply must be seen on the large screen isn’t worth it.

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