Writers’ Workshop: New

I think I’ll open this with a song. Here’s the lovely Miss Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra with the title track from her 1983 album, “What’s New.”

So let’s see…

I get my new tooth next Wednesday. This is a saga that started a year ago, when I had to have a tooth pulled and an implant installed. Since then, my dentist left and a new dentist took her place, and it was like starting all over again. But by this time next week, that odyssey will be complete. At least, I hope so. Frankly, I’ve gotten used to having nothing there, and if it were up to me, I’d say forget it, but we’ve come this far, so I’d like to see this through to the end.

You probably know about the new Facebook page for the blog, necessitated by changes that Facebook made and didn’t tell me about. If you’re on Facebook, be sure and stop by and Like and Follow it. I haven’t figured out how to limit how much of the blog entry gets posted to Facebook; I’m going to run a little experiment and see if I can figure it out. Kind of like this little oddity that broadcast on CBS stations in the wee, wee hours of the night a couple of years ago…

18 thoughts on “Writers’ Workshop: New

  1. Blecchhh to dentists. They make a ton of money and I often think what they tell us we need is what we really don’t need. Regardless, glad you saw this to the end and will get a new tooth. That broadcast is odd to say the least but it made me crave lobster


  2. Cheers to a new tooth! I hate dentist visits so I’m proud of you for following this journey to the end even with a dentist switch up! What did Facebook change this time? I missed it!


    1. I was publicizing my blog to my profile using IFTTT, and Facebook changed the rules and I couldn’t do it that way. I can publicize to FB through WordPress, but not to my profile, only to a page. Fortunately, I had already started building a page for the blog, so it was a pretty easy transition. Just a pain in the rear end.

      We had the same dentist for 28 years and when he retired, a friend of Mary’s highly recommended this dentist not far from us. In the space of two years, she left, her partner (who had done the bulk of work on me, including starting me with the periodontist to get my tooth pulled and preparing me for the implant) also left, and they were replaced by the company who runs the practice with a very nice young man who had recently graduated from dental school. He’s since moved on and they brought in a dentist who really knows what she’s doing. A little particular about how she wants to do things, which is all right with me.


  3. Hi John – well good luck to next week and the new tooth … dentist saga by the sound of it – but glad your new one seems to be reliable and knowledgeable. Take care – FB … not sure about at the moment – cheers Hilary


  4. I’ve used IFTT to publish my WP blog to my page since you showed me how to use IFTT! It works well. Then I “like” my post on my page and “share” it to my personal page. That way everyone can see it. There is usually a way to beat the system, right?


    1. The implant they got right. It’s the new tooth that’s been giving them fits. Please send good thoughts on Wednesday that they get the tooth installed and the periodontist doesn’t make them do it again…

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  5. Facebook claims they’ve made changes in it, so it’s the “Facebook it used to be,” a safer better place for sharing. Do you think this is true? (I don’t use Facebook. No one in my family does either.)


  6. Hope all goes well with your dental procedure. I had implants done about three years ago and my dentist was grateful for the opportunity I provided in helping him maintain his lifestyle.

    Regarding Facebook’s page changes, I just went to the one I have for my blog and am not pleased with the changes. I now have to convince the social media hierarchy that I’m not a “business”. Dang it all. It wasn’t broke, didn’t need fixin’.


    1. The new tooth went in without a hitch. So that odyssey is over.

      After seeing what goes on with a page and the constant pressure to boost posts (for a small fee), I am not happy at all. I think they did the change to drum up more business, using the whole “fake news” thing as a cover. Their stock took a deep dive recently,so the last thing they need to do is to aggravate the people that are still there. This is the straw before the last one for me. One more thing happens, I’m shutting it down.


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