The Friday 5×2: Top 10 from CKCH, 1957

Let’s jump north of the border and head to Hull, Quebec, Canada and see what station CKCH (AM 970) had on their Top 10 on this date in 1957.

CKCH has been off the air since 1994, but in 1957 they were doing adult contemporary music. The Broadcasting Act of Canada, which mandated that radio stations carry a certain percentage of Canadian content, hadn’t been enacted yet, so you’ll notice that none of these fulfill those requirements. As always, today’s music was chosen by the listeners and disk jockeys. My thanks to ARSA for the listing and MusicProf78 for doing a tremendous job of curating the music.

  1. Nat “King” Cole, “Send For Me” Written by Ollie Jones, it’s been recorded many times, including four times by Nat. Can’t find much more than that.
  2. Pat Boone, “Love Letters In The Sand” Probably Pat’s best-known song, it reached #1 in the US and #2 in the UK. As for Canada, I could find no data.
  3. The Lennon Sisters with Pete Fountain, “White Silver Sands” From their debut album, Let’s Get Acquainted, they’re joined by Dixieland legend Pete Fountain on clarinet and vocals.
  4. Paul Anka, “Don’t Gamble With Love” The flip side of his #1 single “Diana,” and a good song in its own right.
  5. Andy Williams and Peggy Powers, “I Like Your Kind Of Love” Reached #8 in the US and #16 in the UK, a swingin’ number for a change from the otherwise smooth Andy Williams.
  6. Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, “So Rare” This was released a couple of months after Jimmy’s death from cancer. I couldn’t find any chart history on it.
  7. Patti Page. “Old Cape Cod” This was the B side to her single “Wondering,” but soon became the A side and reached #3 in the US and #14 in Australia. Again, nothing about the Canadian chart. Patti had never been to Cape Cod when she recorded the song.
  8. The Everly Brothers, “Bye Bye Love” Everly Brothers (performers) + Felice and Boudleau Bryant (songwriters) = a classic. This was the Everlys’ debut record and it reached #2 in both the US and Canada.
  9. Perry Como, “The Girl With The Golden Braids” One of Perry’s lesser-known works, the pride of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania recorded a tune with a polka beat.
  10. Johnny Mathis, “It’s Not For Me To Say” Reached #5 in the US and was certified gold. It was arranged by Ray Coniff.

And that’s the Friday 5×2 for August 10, 2018.

4 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: Top 10 from CKCH, 1957

  1. I love when I can just sit and enjoy and not have to go to work or clean the house etc… I listened to all of these and enjoyed the fact that this is from my country. Of course the lonely Canadian is Paul Anka. My favourite is Nat King Coleks song with a touch of the blues. My second, believe it or not, is Perry Como’s song which so belongs to this era and I can easily picture this in some movie of this time. I also enjoyed Patti Page’s song and Johnny Mathis. The one with Andy Williams and Peggy Powers was a bit creepy…at least to me:)


    1. I forgot Anka is Canadian. Still, I doubt the survey would pass muster with the Canadian content crowd. It’s interesting: apparently Quebec had regulations about how many songs were sung in French, and CKCH was having trouble meeting them, so they changed the station to 100% French about 30 years ago. Ten years later they were off the air.

      I thought the same thing about the Andy Williams song, considering all the great songs he did since then. I guess everyone needs to start somewhere….


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