My 2018-19 #socs Badge Contest Entry

I got the news yesterday that it’s time once again to design a badge that we’ll use for Stream of Consciousness Saturday for the 2018-19 season. Here is my entry:

I thought about streams, and one that kept coming back to me was a bit stream, a string of binary digits (1’s and 0’s) that are combined to form a message. If you look at the background, you’ll notice one such string in a dark green color. To create that string, I wrote a Python program (learning Python as I went along) to take a message and translate each character into its ASCII code (a string of seven binary characters), then concatenate all of the strings together. Here’s the message I used:

Stream of Consciousness Saturday|#SoCS|John Holton|The Sound of One Hand Typing|

I’m so clever…

So, that’s my entry into the badge contest. Hope you like it!

26 thoughts on “My 2018-19 #socs Badge Contest Entry

    1. You’ve heard the story of how the song was named: George Harrison was looking at a sheet of the lyrics and came to the section marked “bridge,” and thought it said “badge.” So they kept the name.


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