A #socs Post Of Epic Proportions

Having titled my post using a word that ends in -ic, I feel I have satisfied the requirements for this particular round of Stream of Consciousness Saturday and am thus free to do whatever the hell I want…


Just kidding, or as they say in text-message talk, j/k.

Ain’t I hysterical? And now I get the bonus points, beecause I used both -ic and -ical in the post.

I try to avoid saying that something is hysterical because, as The Free Dictionary tells us about the word’s etymology:

[From Latin hystericus, hysterical, from Greek husterikos, from husterā, womb (from the former idea that disturbances in the womb caused hysteria).]

So, basically, hysteria is a woman’s problem, or at least that’s where the word comes from. It goes on to say that hysteria is

A group of psychiatric symptoms, including heightened emotionality, attention-seeking behavior, and preoccupation with physical symptoms that may not be explainable by a medical condition. The term hysteria is no longer in clinical use, and such symptoms are currently attributed to any of several psychiatric conditions, including somatic symptom disorder, conversion disorder, and histrionic personality disorder.

To my way of thinking, saying that something is hysterical is akin to saying that mental illness is funny. I’m far from being politically correct (I believe political correctness is bullshit, frankly), but still, you have to draw the line somewhere. And anyway, hilarious is just as good a word and more accurately describes a person’s reaction to Monty Python’s Flying Circus or The Three Stooges.

To quote Forrest Gump (the one from the movie, not the book; the latter was hilarious), and that’s all I have to say about that.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Duffy’s Daredevils, the rough and tumble demons of danger, with bounce-back balance, by REMCO!

Just one more thing…

This is the last week we’ll be using J-Dub’s fantastic badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda is running a contest to select a new badge for the coming year. She gives the rules here, and you’ll notice potential designers have until next Wednesday to submit their entries, after which we’ll be voting to choose the new one. I have an entry in this year’s contest, which you can see here.

33 thoughts on “A #socs Post Of Epic Proportions

  1. I prefer literal hysterical, but few people even know what I’m trying for, so, either way is okay.
    I make my own anxiety pretty funny. After. Always after.


  2. My comment jumped then disappeared, 😲 I hope you got it but do not want to repeat it if you did … just in – case enjoyed follow and see you again soon.


  3. I totally agree with your view of political correctness and I often accuse my husband of being hysterical (meaning he is making a mountain of a molehill). I will now inform him that this behavior is the result of disturbances in the womb and see what he makes of that, hahaha. Good luck with your entry for the badge competition; I think it’s a very clever design. Just had an idea – I think I will use the word “political” for this week’s SOCS entry.


    1. That’ll stop him! Glad you liked the badge; I had a hard time make the green in the background visible without overwhelming the white print. Have fun with “political”…

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  4. One doctor said the word, hysteria, to me once because of the pain I had. He seemed to never hear of Ehlers-danlos. I just looked at him and told him he needs to go back to school and left. I love Colombo and will enjoy seeing everyone’s offers. I like yours:)


  5. Excellent! I’m glad you did what the hell you wanted and I’m not j/k. I mean it!! I’ve not been one to use hysterical often but not for the same reason. For some weird reason I have always equated hysterical as stark raving mad. No idea why and that’s probably not PC either. Hilarious works for me. Again great post and good luck 🍀 in the badge contest.


    1. We still watch the shows on Saturday night. We’ve seen them so many times all we need to say who the villain is and we know the whole episode. Of course, if Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp (both of whom are on tonight) or Patrick McGoohan is the villain, we need to specify which it was. Cozi has the 90-minute shows, MeTV (which we no longer get over-the-air in Atlanta, dammit) has the 2-hour ones.

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    1. I think of hysterical in terms of someone having a nervous breakdown and losing it completely. Hard to square that with something being very funny, although I can see where some things are so funny that people have many of the same symptoms.

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  6. It’s always fun to see where you all go with the prompt. One of these days, I’m going to participate in this challenge!


    1. We must have seen the reruns of “Columbo” a hundred times by now, and we still watch them. (Cozi TV airs two 90-minute episodes on Saturday night; MeTV still has the rights to the two-hour ones.) That was great TV.

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