Nine Lines While I Wait For Maintenance To Be Applied (Writer’s Workshop)

This will look a little different, because I’m writing it on my phone while I watch some required maintenance install on my desktop. It’s been running for close to an hour now, but at least the Mac makes it easier to put off doing maintenance. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

I was going to do the prompt about what school would look like in 100 years, but I got a little tied up in a rant about it, and since we never had kids, I really don’t have a dog in the fight. Read the books of John Taylor Gatto and see what he says on the subject. He had been the New York State Teacher of the Year, so I trust what he says.

My computer unlocked while I was writing this and I got a message telling me to download Evernote again. Since I’ve been running the beta software (because that’s just the kind of guy I am),this should be tons o’ fun. Hope to see you soon….

17 thoughts on “Nine Lines While I Wait For Maintenance To Be Applied (Writer’s Workshop)

    1. I didn’t even take a speculative fiction approach. My thinking was “where are we now?” and following everything to its natural conclusion. And that’s what got me all cranked up.


  1. Hi John – good luck while you patiently wait … you could sing ‘Three Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory’ – not sure why I thought of that – except they were there from Monday to Saturday … ah well … funny thing that brain!! take care and oh what will a school look like in 100 years … probably a 20 bed mansion … and schooling on the net – if it hasn’t been unplugged. Take care – cheers Hilary


    1. I always heard it as seven instead of three…

      Oh, dear, what can the matter be?
      Seven old ladies were locked in the lavat’ry
      They were there from Sunday to Saturd’y
      Nobody knew they were there…


  2. The schools will teach cursive writing, budgeting 101, any unruly brats are placed in the corner. The kids are taught world history so they have a good knowledge of both wars as well as ancient history and everything’s in between. They are taught about art, film, great books. They must place their phones and other devices into a bin that they can’t retrieve until the end of class. They are taught etiquette, proper speech and manners. Yes, this is all fiction


  3. Oh come on! Now I want to know what you think school will be like in 100 years! And I’m proud of you for figuring out how to publish a blog post from your phone. That takes some skill!


    1. A hundred years from now, I don’t think we’ll even HAVE school. Kids will learn, but not by being locked in a building for a good portion of the best years of their lives. How’s that for a start?

      The hard part of posting from my phone is doing all the cutting and pasting I do. It’s not hard, just a pain in the backside.


  4. yeah i heard from a grandparent the kidnergartner has a chrome book at the school, so now He has to check for Notes to parent/guardian that way and i say! eek! what if for real they havent one at home (oh yeah like me, going to library, I havent had to Update a computer of my own in so long i would be lost probably! )oh well just stopping by on the way home, via the library! 😛


  5. As a parent closer to the end of a school and a former teacher, I can’t stand most of what school is now, so I think I could easily write a Dystopian piece on that. Follow the natural decline…
    Of course, I would RATHER read a piece on how the extremely progressive schools actually teach children of the future 😀


  6. I had been giving due thought to responding to one of the other prompts but the 9 lines one kept nagging away, especially given our erratic weather patterns here in NY. It seems that with each forecast of a “thunderstorm” comes tornado warnings just as each snowstorm during the winter months is now a “Nor’easter”. It never just simply rains, thunders or snows anymore.

    But, we managed to survive the May tornado outbreak here in the Northeast and were far luckier than most who live in Tornado Alley.

    Hope your maintenance went well. Reminds me of the annoying iPhone updates which I always dread doing but inevitably succumb to.


    1. The iPhone upgrades are a piece of cake compared to the MacOS updates, which always take about an hour to finish.

      We’ve been blessed with relatively calm weather this summer. There have been years where our local weather guys are on TV during primetime more than the regular shows. We’ve had nary a peep from the weather radio in weeks. If it weren’t for the weekly tests, I’d think we needed a new one.


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