The Friday 5×2: From 2UW, Sydney NSW (Australia), Today In 1958

2UW in Sydney is noted for being the first station outside the US to broadcast 24 hours a day, starting in 1935. In 1994 they moved to the FM band and changed their name to Mix 106.5, and in 2014 renamed themselves KIIS 106.5. In 1958, they were a Top 40 station, and most of this week’s survey consisted of songs that were also hits in the US.

  1. Dean Martin, “Return To Me” A beautiful, if somewhat melancholy, song that was the theme song for the 2000 movie of the same name which starred David Duchovny, Minnie Driver, and Carroll O’Connor.
  2. Bobby Freeman, “Do You Wanna Dance” One of Freeman’s two Top 10- hits, the other being 1964’s “C’mon and Swim.” Bette Midler did a downtempo version of this in 1972 and it became her first hit.
  3. Everly Brothers, “All I Have To Do Is Dream” Their second #1 hit in the US, it peaked at #3 in Australia.
  4. Perez Prado & His Orchestra, “Patricia” This was the last #1 song on the Billboard Disc Jockeys and Top 100 charts; it was replaced the following week by the Hot 100.
  5. Jimmie Rodgers, “Secretly” Country singer Jimmie Rodgers had a string of crossover hits in the ’50’s, the biggest being “Honeycomb.” This song reached #3 in the US.
  6. Toni Arden, “Padre” Toni (born Antoinette Ardizzone in New York) started as a big band singer in the ’40’s and recorded for the National Records label before moving to Columbia Records in 1949. In the mid-’50’s she moved to Decca Records and recorded this, her biggest hit and only Gold record, in 1958.
  7. Jody Reynolds, “Endless Sleep” One of the first big names in Rockabilly music, this was his biggest-selling record.
  8. David Seville, “Witch Doctor” Ross Bagdasarian, a/k/a David Seville, was one of the pioneers of mechanically-altered voices. The success of this record no doubt led to the creation of Alvin and The Chipmunks.
  9. The Four Preps, “Big Man” Vocal groups were still popular in the late ’50’s. This was written by Bruce Belland and Glen Larson of the group. Belland and Larson would later turn their attentions to television, with Belland producing several game shows for Ralph Edwards productions, later becoming a network executive, while Larson, using his full name Glen A. Larson, went on to create some memorable TV shows, including Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, The Fall Guy and others.
  10. Sheb Wooley, “The Purple People Eater” Another example of a mechanically-altered voice was this song by actor and singer Sheb Wooley, who appeared in a number of Western movies and TV shows (including Rawhide). He’s also believed to be the voice actor who created the Wilhelm scream.

And that’s The Friday 5×2 for August 24, 2018.

6 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: From 2UW, Sydney NSW (Australia), Today In 1958

  1. I really like the Dean Martin song which reminds me of a movie with the same title. Some of these other songs are great and always love Purple People Eater. Never knew that about the Australian radio station or even that one started 24 hrs per day that long ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unless “Return to Me” with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver wasn’t the one you were thinking of, I did mention it in the notes underneath the videos. I really liked that movie, partly because it was set in Chicago, partly because I like Minnie Driver, and partly because it was a good story.

      2UW was, according to Wikipedia, both the first radio station in the British Empire and first station in the Southern Hemisphere to broadcast 24 hours a day. Pretty significant, I’d say…


    1. I’ve had trouble doing that; didn’t realize you had the Linky and kept trying to go to Trav’s Thoughts, which hasn’t seen any action in a couple of years. Thanks!


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