Notice Is Hereby Given… #socs

First, notice that we have a new SoCS badge, created by Pamela over at A Chronical of Hope. Congratulations, Pam! I tied for seventh. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

I used the phrase “notice is hereby given” to start this because it’s a strange thing to say. It’s lousy grammar: it’s in passive voice, for one thing, and it’s clumsy. I mean, you’d never say it, and if someone were to talk to you that way, you’d look at him funny. It’s one of those things lawyers put in legal documents, probably because it came from Latin that way (“Notitia est hoc dedit” according to Google Translate). You see it in the legal notices in the paper, like when someone is applying for a liquor license or a land rezoning because a company wants to build something where they aren’t supposed to (for example, a tavern near a school or a strip joint near a church).

Once a year, to retain their licenses to broadcast, TV stations in the US have to prove to the FCC that they’re operating their station according to the guidelines for “broadcasting in the public interest.” They have to show that they’ve set sufficient time aside for children’s and community affairs programming, that they’ve been good about running their weekly and monthly required Emergency Alert System tests, and have to announce on their station that all the required documents are available for public inspection and comment at the station’s office. Those announcements used to start with “notice is hereby given.” Not any more, but I’ll bet that the documents they send to the FCC start with it.

Another kind of notice is the notice you give when you’re leaving a job, usually called “two week notice” because that’s considered an appropriate length of time to finish up whatever you were doing and to turn over whatever you haven’t finished to some other poor bastard someone else. Sometimes the two week notice turns into “here’s a box, grab your stuff and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out,” but usually not. A lot of it has to do with the tone of your letter of resignation: “Dear *******, I quit, **** you” is most likely to get you ushered out of the building right away, while a friendly and almost apologetic letter will usually result in a counteroffer and attempts to cajole you into staying (at least until they’re confident someone else can do your job, in which case it’s “don’t let the door hit you…” time). I’m not sure what reaction a resignation letter that said something like this would be: “Notice is hereby given that on this, the 25th day of August, in the year of Our Lord 2018, I, John Connelly Paul1 Holton, do hereby tender my resignation, effective at the close of business two weeks hence, i.e. the 8th day of September, in the year of Our Lord 2018.” It might make your manager wrinkle his nose and say, “wha…?”

(1 I was confirmed during the height of Beatlemania, when everyone’s favorite Beatle was Paul McCartney. Mine was actually George Harrison, but all my friends had chosen “Paul.” So it goes.)

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17 thoughts on “Notice Is Hereby Given… #socs

  1. Ha! I love this! Just needs a “sayest thou so” in there somewhere. Lol. I would love to write a note just like that one as an invitation to a party. Priceless. My favorite Beatles was George Harrison too <3.


    1. I’ve done a couple of posts that were collections of warning phrases (e.g. “harmful or fatal if swallowed”) and legal notices (“void where prohibited,” “cash value 1/20 of one cent”), and the occasional advertising slogan (“it’s not how long you make it, it’s how you make it long”). Here they are…

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  2. Legalese can be so annoying and confusing. It’s just there to force us to get lawyers.

    In my last job I was given something like a 3 month notice and my own intuition suggested about 4 years before that my job would likely be ending soon. As I saw technological innovations (and Amazon) take hold of our economic structure, I could see that the future of my business was dwindling away and there wasn’t much to save it. Besides, being in California was no help to a company with the biggest part of it’s operations in NC. California can be a difficult place to do business.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Notice is hereby given is probably not going to be a good thing. What comes to mind is an evection notice where you would need to vacate the premises because you are being kicked to the curb, or possibly some legal matter when someone is suing you and you will need to defend yourself in court.


  4. Legalese is my gig, but I will be the first to think it needs a comma, particularly an Oxford comma, and also, to stop using words like “persons” :/
    Anyway, last year was the first time I ever gave notice and the boss was like, “You can go now.” It was quite a shock. I hated leaving my co-workers in a lurch like that, but honestly, I was grateful for the time — All’s well that ends well!


  5. I had a nice chuckle at that resignation letter and wish I’d done one like that. I gave my boss a few months notice because I liked her and also that I’d been there 30 years. I also marked the days on my office wall calendar counting backwards from over 100. It kept me sane trying to wrap up my paperwork while singing, “There’s a Light at the End of this Tunnel.” Dang. I wish I’d written about that.


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