It’s Labor Day and Time For The Week That Was!

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by your local Gas Companies. Live modern for less with gas!

That globe thingy is called the Unisphere, which was built for the New York World’s Fair in 1964-65 (the commercial is from ’65) and stands in the middle of Flushing Meadow. I saw it from the infamous #7 train when I was riding to LaGuardia Airport, one of those stories I need to tell one day.

The Week That Was

Not really one of my better weeks healthwise, as I caught a bug or ate some bad food and suffered the consequences. Still, not a bad week, and now that it’s September (and the unofficial end of summer; the official end is three weeks off) I’m looking forward to things cooling off. It was busy, so let’s get right down to it. Here’s the summary.

I used CCR’s “Up Around The Bend” as the song, because it was the first one I thought of when I learned the theme was “plan.”

Given that I had not long ago done a playlist of songs about booze, the theme of “songs with beverages in the title” was a relatiely easy one, although I did my best to include only songs with non-alcoholic beverages in the name.

I reran a post from June 2014 that featured not a music act but a couple of episodes of “Fractured Fairy Tales,” which ran as part of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. That show seems to have been popular with a lot of you, and some of you even said they were fans of other features on the show, including “Bullwinkle’s Corner,” “Mr. Know-It-All,” and “Peabody’s Improbable History.” None of you mentioned my personal favorite, “Aesop & Son,” which did to Aesop’s fables what “Fractured Fairy Tales” did to the Grimm Brothers. Nor did anyone mention “Dudley Do-Right,” a series about a dimwitted Canadian Mountie. All I know is I’m ready to start bingewatching some old cartoons.

I included a pithy comment from the Lamebook website about how much you can accomplish when you put the electronics away. More than a few of you identified with it, myself included.

The question was, if I had to be a teacher, what grade would I teach and why. My response was that I would fight against it, because Mom (who taught for many years and who we all miss terribly) told me that if I ended up being a teacher, she’d disown me. She loved teaching, but hated being a teacher.

We visited WTMA in Charleston, South Carolina and reviewed their Top 10 from 1974.

We talked about circles, which are round, as Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street would point out, songs that are sung as rounds, and baseball, which grew from an English game called rounders.

It’ll be a “light” week because of the holiday, which means the same old same old. I’m considering some schedule changes. When I decide, you’ll be the second to know (because I’ll be the first).

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “It’s Labor Day and Time For The Week That Was!

  1. Oh man..I forgot to mentioned how much I loved Dudley Do-Right. I don’t know about the Aesop’s Fables so I will have to watch that. That was one weird commercial with Satchmo selling the creepy doll. I hope you are feeling better because that type of illness takes a real toll on one’s strength, I find. A new week so better health! Hopefully, it will get cooler sooner as it is still way too hot right now


    1. It’s still hot here, although the breeze is a little stronger and it was a little less humid over the weekend, sure signs that autumn is approaching.

      We had some really strange toys back in the ’60’s, that’s for certain…


  2. Hi John – they I am sure are all great fun – I watched a couple: not sure squibb is a great brand for sugar or equivalent!! Sorry your week wasn’t great – but as you say … the cooler, easier weather is on its way … but enjoy the holiday and then a better week ahead … cheers Hilary


    1. Bristol Myers Squibb, as they’re called these days, focus primarily on pharmaceuticals, but both had made a few consumer products as well. Back in the ’60’s there were quite a few artificial sweeteners, all of which used sodium cyclamate, which was later found to cause cancer in lab rats, so they had to come up with something else…


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