The Friday 5×2: WKMH, Dearborn, Michigan, On This Day In 1958

WKMH (AM 1310) is now WDTW, “La Mega,” having gone through a number of changes since this survey was issued. During the ’60’s it was WKNR, “Keener 13,” using a Top 40 format. It’s been through a few changes over the years. Of course, it was a Top 40 station in 1958, so let’s look at their survey.

  1. Perez Prado, “Patricia” There was still plenty of room in the Top 40 for songs that weren’t rock ‘n’ roll. Organist and bandleader Prado used this as his band’s signature song.
  2. Dale Hawkins, “La-Do-Dada” This original swamp rocker and rock ‘n’ roll pioneer is better known for his song “Suzie Q,” which was covered later by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  3. Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra with Warrewn Covington, “Tea For Two Cha-Cha” What’s the difference between the cha-cha and pea green paint? Anyone can learn the cha-cha. (Sorry, just had to do that.)
  4. Bobby Day, “Rockin’ Robin” Bobby’s only Top 10 hit on the Hot 100, it was later covered by Michael Jackson, who had many more Top 10 hits on the Hot 100.
  5. Robin Luke, “Susie Darlin'” Robin’s best-known song. He gave up music in 1965 and got his Ph. D. in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has taught at Old Dominion University, the University of the Virgin Islands, and Missouri State Univesity.
  6. The Four Preps, “Lazy Summer Night” Nationally, this followed two Top 10 hits, “26 Milres (Santa Catalina)” and “Big Man.” While this only made it to #21, it was still a million-seller.
  7. Little Anthony & The Imperials, “Tears On My Pillow” Maybe the beest-known song this week, this was their first single, and it was an instant hit, eventually selling a million copies.
  8. Jerry Wallace, “How The Time Flies” Country singer Jerry Wallace is better known for the song “Primrose Lane,” which was used as the theme song for the early ’70’s TV series The Smith Family, which starred Henry Fonda and a teenaged Ron Howard.
  9. Domenico Modugno, “Volare” Modugno took this to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958, where it placed third. He was later elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies and eventually the Italian Senate.
  10. Everly Brothers, “Devoted to You” A song by Boudleau Bryant, which was practically a guarantee of a hit. The flip side featured another Bryant song, “Bird Dog,” which was an even bigger hit.

And that’s this week’s edition of The Friday 5×2.

7 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: WKMH, Dearborn, Michigan, On This Day In 1958

  1. I love Volare! These were such nice songs and I can’t help but think of my mom who said that she didn’t like the songs when they came out but that now (back in 2002 for example) she loved them because she had great memories of the 1950’s.


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