Question for All You Bloggers Out There

I got an email from the nice folks at WordPress who proposed the following:

To celebrate your commitment to your website, we’re offering you 20% off ANY upgraded WordPress.​com plan.

This seems like a good deal, and I think there are a few of you who have one of their plans. So, I’d like to know:

  1. Which plan do you have, the personal, the premium, or the business plan?
  2. Do you like it?
  3. Do you think it’s a good investment?

I’ll make a decision tomorrow, so let me know before then. Thanks!

And now, since, as you know, I can’t just leave at that without some music or a commercial, here are the Moody Blues with “Question.”

21 thoughts on “Question for All You Bloggers Out There

  1. Love the song! I have a personal, free WP plan, but I pay for a domain name and a bit more to keep my real name and home address hidden from lookup. It’s been working great for me, but then again I don’t have enough followers to bother monetizing. If I did, i might consider buying a plan so i could place my own ads instead of theirs. I keep my name in case my book sales ever take off. Ha ha ha!


  2. I use the personal plan, and I like it because it allows me to upload mp3 files of my own music to my blog which I don’t do very often. However, if you just use YouTube videos, it wouldn’t be worth the $40 yearly fee. I hope this helps.


  3. I have the premium plan, and have for a couple of years I think. I got it because I ran out of room for uploading photos to the media library on the free plan, and the upgraded one gave me lots more room. I like it just fine. 🙂


    1. “More space” seems to be the biggest reason people go with a plan. I don’t really need all that much space, but the domain and added support are good to have, and with space, I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it…

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  4. I have the premium plan. I upgraded for the storage space. I’ll consider the next step, if I start to run out. I wish they would just let you buy more space. I think the premium plan is worth it – no ads, more space and premium themes if you like.

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    1. The no ads and more space come with all the plans, as does the domain and better support. I went with the personal plan, mostly because it has less crap that I don’t need. It would be nice to be able to pay for extra space without everything else, tho…

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  5. I have the personal plan. It’s not free, but it’s the least expensive of the three upgrade plans offered. I got it for three reasons: (1) No ads, (2) no “.wordpress” in my blog’s address, and (3) it has twice the storage space of the free plan. So far, it suits my needs.


  6. I’ve got the premium, from the get-go, and I’m happy with it. Like Dan, I would prefer to buy additional media storage, but I’ll upgrade if I have to. I also have no ads and my own font and my own header. I think it’s worth it.


  7. John,

    I use the WordPress platform through my host site, Arvixe. I subscribe to the personal class plan which is a biennial billing cycle ($168) which is slightly less expensive than I once compared the cost/features and reviewed them again in recent years determining that Arvixe was the better deal. You might wish to check them out before you make a final decision. I’m happy using Arvixe and don’t have any complaints with my host site. Best of luck to you! Great mewsic to listen to while I comment. 🙂


  8. Sorry, I don’t see your posts until the next day! I have the Premium Plan for both my blogs and pay for my domain. I didn’t care for the Business Plan because I felt it wasn’t worth the cost. (I tried it for a few months and went back to the Premium Plan).


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