BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)” Results

This was a tricky battle, I admit: Not only were there two contestants, there was a third choice that included the two of them playing together. To quote Bugs Bunny, “ain’t I a stinker?” Remember the battle: Argentine saxophonist Gato Barbieri, guitarist (Devadip) Carlos Santana (remember when he was going by that name?), and the two of them together playing Santana’s “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile).” Here are the results:

Gato Barbieri: 4 (Mary, Stephen, Cherdo, Cathy)

Carlos Santana: 3 (Arlee, Mike, Eugenia)

Gato and Carlos: 1 (Birgit)

I could almost call it a tie, but I won’t. Congratulations to Gato Barbieri, and to Carlos Santana, and thanks to all of you for voting.

Our next Battle of the Bands… well, I’m not certain. It might be on October 1 or October 15. I’ll decide as we get closer to the dates. See you then!

13 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)” Results

      1. I STILL think Santana would walk away with it — IF the Santana version that’s used is the live one from the ‘Moonflower’ album, and if we throw out the Santana WITH Barbieri “wild card”.

        In fact, maybe I WILL do that Battle one o’ these days somewhere down the road. But be forewarned, JOHN, if I do, and if I suffer my first ever BOTB shutout as a result, I will be coming for you! When you least expect me… expect me. ;o)

        ~ D-FensDogG
        Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends


  1. Not exactly a stellar voter turnout here. I see all of the BOTBers checked in (except Michele?), but your non-BOTB readers left ya hangin’ this time. What The Hey?!

    Oh, well, it was a close one, and that’s good.

    Did you change the background color of your blog from white to tan? That’s what I’m seeing, but it could be a goofy glitch.

    JOHN, you will hear a bit of an old Chicago song — (‘Ive Been) Searchin’ So Long’ — on my October 1st ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installment, and yet, Chicago will not be one of my BOTB contestants. Nor will a Chicago song be a part of the competition. “How can this be?” you ask? Guess you’ll need to stop by to find out.

    Have a great week!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


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