The “Welcome to Autumn!” Week That Was

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The Week That Was

Thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts on a paid plan last Thursday, I signed up for one (a Personal) plan last Thursday. As I mentioned, you can now reach this blog by the new URL, The old one works, too, in case you have a bookmark, like I do. Anyway, on with the week’s summary.

Last week’s prompt was “glass,” and I thought I was being clever by using “Brandy” by Looking Glass as my song. Turns out I was one of several who used it. Oh well. I have to dig deeper from now on.

Always in search of new ideas to knock you out with, I built off a post by Craig over at PopBopRockTilUDrop and chose ten songs from his post of ads from Hit Parader. As Alana pointed out, most of them were not very good.

Herb Alpert, who has been around since the ’60’s (i.e. before smooth jazz was ever born), was the featured artist. The songs I chose were from his later work, which was quite smooth jazzy.

The one-liner (three, actually, but in the context of comedy, it was a one-liner) was supplied from Rodney Dangerfield. This led to quite a few Rodney one-liners being thrown around in the comments, mostly from Dan, but a couple from Kip and one from Birgit. Plenty of laughs to go around.

The prompt I used was the “write a post in 14 lines” one. I used Google Translate to translate “fourteen lines” into German, resulting in “Vierzehn Zeilen,” although a better translation would be “Vierzehn Linien” because “zeilen” means “rows” while “linien” is “lines.” Having thus set the mood for the post, I discussed how I should have taken German when I had the chance in college. Hindsight is always 20/20. Quite a few of you know some German (as Joey said, the profanities, always the easiest thing to remember in any language).

The aforementioned Craig worked for “950 KIMN” in Denver for many years, so I based this week’s survey post on their survey from 1984. Turned out pretty good, and I think people were more familiar with the hits that week.

Linda gave us “flower/flour” as this week’s prompt, and I told a story on myself from my days as a production supervisor in a food plant.

In a battle to see who did a better job of Santana’s “Europa,” I had three choices: Gato Barbieri’s cover, Carlos Santana’s original, and a live performance featuring both of them. Gato beat Carlos by one vote, with one vote going to the two of them together. I will hold a BotB on October 1, because I thought of a good one yesterday, and it’s already sitting out there.

It’ll be a typical week here: Tomorrow’s M4 will feature songs about autumn, or fall if you prefer. I’m on the lookout for good one-liners for Wednesday and an artist to feature on Tuesday, and am anticipating prompts for Thursday and Saturday. And I’ll need to scour ARSA for a likely radio station to feature this Friday.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. The old URL will continue to work until they say it won’t, I guess. A lot of bloggers come up with a custom domain but they can still use the old one, no trouble.

    I changed my theme when I saw you were thinking of doing the same. Sounded like a good idea.


  2. Wow, John. We should have collaborated. I did not see you were thinking of upgrading. I did the same sign up last Thursday, but have not changed the URL/domain name part. So the old one still works? Good. I am thinking of changing my theme, partly just cuz and partly because some of the things no longer work in the one I use. Happy Fall.


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