#1LinerWeds from The Babylon Bee

I don’t have kids and have never seen Frozen, but I can just imagine being a parent and having to listen to this movie over and over and over… The full story is here.

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24 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from The Babylon Bee

  1. John,

    Our kids have watched their favorite videos over and over and over again but not once did I ever crack like this mom. I always thought it was really cute how enthralled they were over their favorites and even to this day when I hear mewsic or watch a video clip from these movies it brings nothing but a smile to my face. Kids won’t have restraint if parents don’t have it.

    Fabulous vintage commercial!


      1. John,

        I suppose so. She probably had no other choice because if she attempted to get near the prized film the’d be on faster than a flea on dog. That’s the very reason I didn’t try to throw out old worn out toys while ours were home. I wanted until they were away at the grandparents who lived out of state.🤣


    1. I still have not seen this movie because of that irritating song and that dumb ass snowman:). My brother was really sick of Bambi and another movie I can’t recall. As for my mom, we had no videos, of course, but I would get off the bus, run inside and turn on the tv to watch Lost in Space and Gilligan’s Island. My mom was so sick of those 2 shows..hahaaa


      1. I don’t plan on seeing “Frozen,” either.

        After school, we had locally-produced kid shows that were pretty annoying, but Mom didn’t seem to have a problem with us watching. One station ran reruns of “The Flintstones” and “Mickey Mouse Club” in between the local shows.


  2. I’ve only heard of this myself, John…the small ones re-watching a movie hundreds of times. You and I weren’t able to annoy our parents due to the lack of DVD players and DVDs, which was their good fortune.


  3. I’ve seen Frozen a couple of times with my granddaughter and have enjoyed it, even the “Let it Go” song. I don’t know how I’d feel if I heard it 100 time, but I remember being thankful for my kids watching the movie, Never Ending Story over and over again.I think it depends on whether the sounds are soft and soothing or loud and crashing.

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  4. Over the years I learned to completely tune out the VHS, then DVDs the kids wanted to watch on a loop. To this day, I am famous for it. Comes from years working in a call center where you have to block out noise in order to pay attention to the one person you are helping.


    1. I did plenty of playing the same song/record over and over, eespecially when I was trying to learn a song. Back in the days when turntables had four speeds, you could take a 33 1/3 RPM record and play it at 16 2/3. The song came out at half speed and an octave lower than usual, so you could learn the hard parts. Very useful.

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  5. Guilty of playing my 45s records over and over back in the day. With my girls it was playing Super Mario Bros. and that tune over & over…like nails on a chalkboard after awhile (they didn’t have headphones) Oh my word!


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