Writer’s Workshop: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

Mary and I never had kids, but my brothers have done their part in repopulating the planet: six boys and one girl between the three of them. I won’t embarrass the kid or the father, but this is just too good not to share.

One of my nephews watched Beetlejuice about a thousand times when he was about 5 (as kids are often wont to do, though not necessarily Beetlejuice) and picked up a number of lines of the dialogue, including this one:

Well, he did it for his grandmother (i.e. my mother) and she just thought it was the cutest thing she had ever heard, and soon, every time he was around and there were people who hadn’t heard it, Nana Bunny would ask him “What does Beetlejuice say, sweetie?”

She stopped asking when my nephew, who had apparently had enough of Nana Bunny asking him to do the line for everyone, decided to quote another line from the movie:

And yes, he did the “honk honk” at the end…

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

  1. Very funny! I can see Bunny having a laugh after the second clip after, probably, pretending to be suitably “shocked.”


  2. Oh my gosh that is too funny! That’s the beautiful part of having nieces and nephews…other people do all the work to raise them and you get free entertainment! πŸ˜‰


  3. John,

    Someone has to embarrass the parents and kids may as well be you, right? lol I can’t understand what BeetleJuice is saying but I don’t like that he grabs himself. Maybe it’s a good thing. I probably wouldn’t like what he was sing anyhow, am I right? Let’s just say if one of my kids did that if I didn’t die from the shock, they’d certainly wish they were dead after I got through with them. lol It doesn’t take much to encourage kids to keep saying or doing things funny or not if they get a reaction they like then it’s with them forever.


    1. No, I doubt you’d appreciate the language… I think the reason he pulled that line out was that he’d had it with Mom pestering him to keep doing it. Mom had this tendency to make you do something until you were sick of it.


  4. OMG! I can see that request coming to an abrupt halt! My kids have said and done their fair share of embarrassing things to me….I think it must fall under their job description!


  5. Love it!

    And, I agree with Kat…the best part of other people’s children is that you can rile them up, laugh at their sometimes inappropriate comments and behaviors…then leave.

    It’s been done often in my family and both my own, now grown, kids and not fully-grown grand-kids cherish those moments which I continue to pay forward at every opportunity.


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