What I’ve Been Testing

I bet you’re all wondering what I’ve been testing…

(crowd in unison: YOU BET YOUR ASS!)

I’m hip. 1

As everyone knows, last Friday Facebook announced that there had been a massive data breach and that the user data for 50 MILLION USERS was stolen. I have two-factor authentication on Facebook because of the last time this happened, but thought it a good idea to change my password anyway (and I encourage all of you who are Facebook users to do the same), which I did on Wednesday. And all was well and good and the world was made of donuts…

That is, until I discovered that the password that WordPress knows for Facebook no longer matched the new one, and I started getting a red box on the post page that effectively said that I wouldn’t be able to publicize on the blog’s Facebook page until I verified my password. I tried everything I knew to get rid of the box, finally figuring out that I had to delete what was there and re-add it. To test it, I created the first test post to make sure that things were now publicizing correctly. And they were, and the world was once again made of donuts.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and found a number of text messages from WordPress containing password verification codes. I drew the conclusion that someone was trying to break into my account and immediately changed my password and turned on two-factor authentication. All appeared to be well until I got a message from IFTTT saying that it could no longer connect to WordPress (because, silly me, I had changed the password and turned on two-factor authentication). I couldn’t figure out how to make IFTTT work with WordPress (which I still use to publicize to Pinterest and to create a backup copy of my posts in Evernote), so I set up identical applets in IFTTT that used the RSS feed rather than WordPress to do those two things. I tested them by sending the second test post to ensure it was working. And it was, and more donuts.

This morning, I went back to WordPress and figured out what I had done to make IFTTT pitch its cookies, did what I was supposed to do the first time, and this is the test post for that.

As for the content of the two test posts: As those of you in the US are aware, this past Wednesday was the annual nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System.

This is a system designed to provide timely information in the event of a national or local emergency. It gets used a lot to deliver weather warnings and AMBER (missing/kidnapped child) alerts, and was also designed to allow the sitting President of the United States to address the nation in times of crisis. Once a year, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) conducts a nationwide test of the system, which freaks a lot of people out. This year’s test also included a test of Wireless Emergency Alerts, a way for the President to communicate with everyone with a wireless phone in the event of a national emergency. Being a TV and radio geek, I look forward to this annual event.

Anyway, to celebrate the occasion, I included videos of an old EBS test and last year’s nationwide EAS test, ’cause that’s just the kind of guy I am. Thanks for your patience.

1 Many of you will recognize this as a scene from Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

15 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Testing

  1. I’m just glad my phone was silenced for the (I can’t even type that thingy, I’m not giving it credence) alert. I actually had no idea about the Facebook thing. Your blog today was the first I’d heard of it. Although, I did get kicked out on both of my devices and have to sign back in. Maybe that’s why.


    1. Hopefully, the only time we’ll see the presidential alert is during the annual test…

      Surprised you hadn’t heard about the Facebook thing. I have Lifelock, Norton VPN and LastPass and heard about it from all three, plus I f

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          1. I do – When I was at Airborne, we used SDM/70. I moved to Weyerhaeuser and they were sold on structured development and immediately sent me to class. I still have my books and notebook (don’t ask me why).


  2. I just hope what’s his name doesn’t decide that he needs to “alert” everyone with one of his stupid rants. I turned off the emergency alerts feature on my phone and got it anyway! Good idea about changing passwords and glad your testing came out positive. Now beat those Dodgers and we’ll have a happy Friday!


    1. You can’t opt out of the Presidential alerts, apparently. All the others, including weather warnings and AMBER alerts, you can. That particular alert actually came from FEMA, who’s responsible for the national periodic test, which for some reason always causes a good deal of consternation among various segments of the population, regardless of who’s in the White House. At least they don’t do it at 3 in the morning…

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