The “Geez, Is October Halfway Through?” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by your local Coca-Cola bottler. Things go better with Coke!

I know, I do a lot of Coke commercials. There are a lot of them out there.

The Week That Was

I hope everyone who was more or less in the path of hurricane Michael came through it okay. It went south of the Atlanta metro area, but we got hit with buckets of rain on Wednesday evening. It turned gorgeous on Thursday, and by Friday we remembered what temperatures under 80° (in Fahrenheits; 26.66666…° for you centigrade/Celsius fans) was like. Autumn, or “fall” as we often call it, seems to be everyone’s favorite season, as Jim Gaffigan tells us:

All right, enough of this. Here’s the summary.

Last week, Birthday Girl Helen chose the word “find” as the prompt, and I was reminded of a beauty of a song by Marcia Ball, “Find Another Fool.” I hadn’t given much thought to Marcia or the song in some time, and I’m glad I remembered her, because she’s dynamite. One of her albums is 1986’s Hot Tamale Baby, an apt description of her.

The theme Michele picked was “songs that feature hand clapping or finger snapping,” and I found not ten, but eleven songs that featured one or the other, or both.

I announced the results of my latest battle. The Four Freshmen slaughtered Vulfpeck, the latter receiving only one vote. I wasn’t especially happy with the result, as I had initially shied away from using Vulfpeck in the battle, so another “Poinciana” battle is scheduled for November 15. We’ll have another battle starting tomorrow, and please don’t be shy about voting.

Smooth jazz pioneers Spiro Gyra were the featured artists this week. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, you’ve likely heard their music.

I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my blog’s spam folder on a regular basis to ensure that none of your comments end up there because Akismet went nuts and tossed them in there. Lately I’ve been getting some bizarre spam from what appears to be someone with a tenuous (at best) grasp of the English language promoting a Korean hentai site. I shared two of these comments and learned that one of them is from a rap song (thanks, Marian!); the other is just strange. It is a break from people hawking search engine optimizing tools and ads for discount Cialis from Canadian pharmacies, people who love my blog and are chasing it daily, and people that say my blog sucks and I’m ugly.

Kat asked me to discuss what Mom and Dad would have named me if they hadn’t named me John. Mom wanted one of us to be William, which was my Dad’s name, and he was adamant that he would not have a “junior,” believing that a junior spends most of his life either living up to or living down his father. I ended the post with several songs having to do with names, because that’s just the kind of guy I am.

Dan mentioned that he spent many happy hours in his younger days listening to KQV in Pittsburgh, so this week’s survey post was from that station in 1964. I might do that for a while, so if you’d like me to share a survey from your favorite station growing up, leave me a comment and I’ll do what I can.

This week Linda reached into the Magic Drum of writing prompts and came up with “precious.” I rarely if ever use “precious,” so I had trouble with the prompt until I remembered that there was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon named “Precious Pupp.” That set me off thinking about all the other cartoons developed by Joe Hanna and Bill Barbera that I enjoyed so much on Saturday morning when I was a kid and wishing those days were still with us. Apparently a lot of you feel the same.

No major surprises anticipated for this week. Tomorrow’s Battle of the Bands and Wednesday’s one-liner are finished and waiting to be released, so you know what I’ll be doing the next several hours. I’m trying to write ahead as much as possible to avoid having too many days where my Inner Four-Year-Old says “I don’ WANNA!”

Thanks to:

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

7 thoughts on “The “Geez, Is October Halfway Through?” Week That Was

  1. I love the coke commercials so keep them coming. My dad would agree with your dad and I agree with them As well. I have had many clients who had problems with their credit report due to the name because the father or the son were poor in credit but it was incorrectly placed on the innocent party. A new week begins…


    1. Gaffigan is hilarious, and another guy that’s good is Sebastian Maniscalco, who sounds like he’s from New York but actually grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois, just outside Chicago. They’ve become our go-to buys for when we need a laugh.


    1. I think it’s just about everyone’s favorite, at least the early part where the leaves are still on the trees and it’s still warm but not quite as warm as it was a month earlier. When the weather starts getting colder, all the leaves are off the trees, and it starts to snow (or rain a lot), maybe not so much. Of course, I’m weird and love it when it gets that way.

      I’m sure I’ve mentioned the theory that as you get older, time seems to move faster because a day to a young person, who hasn’t lived that many days, isn’t like a day to an older person, who’s lived a lot of days (22,852 in my case). I think it has more to do with being busy, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Time is definitely speeding up, John. looks up days lived You got over 6000 days on me!
        I like every moment that isn’t hot and yet, only those in which my furnace works 😉


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