Song Lyric Sunday: “Perdido”

So, Helen asked us to find a song with the theme “lost.” It stumped me for a second, then I realized that the Spanish word for “lost” is “perdido,” and that’s also a jazz standard. It was written by Juan Tizol when he was with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. The Duke and company recorded the definitive version in January 1942, according to The Blogger’s Best Friend™. TBBF also tells us that lyrics were written in 1944 by Ervin Drake and Hans Lengsfelder, but that it wasn’t until 1957 that Ella Fitzgerald recorded a vocal version of it. Here, then is Miss Ella with “Perdido.”

Lyrics from LyricsFreak:

I look for my heart
It`s perdido
I lost it way down in Torito
The day the fiesta started

I sway that they play the Bolero
I kissed me the listing sombrero
And that`s when my heart departed

High, was the sun when I held him close
Low, was the moon when we said, “Adios”

My heart ever since is Perdido
I know I must go to Torito
To find what I lost Perdido

High, was the sun when I held him close
Low, was the moon when we said, “Adios”

Goodnight perdido
I lost perdido

That’s Song Lyric Sunday for October 21, 2018.

9 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: “Perdido”

  1. Hi John – clever … and I didn’t know Perdido meant lost in Spanish, nor that it was a jazz term … loving listening to Ella – thanks for this … cheers Hilary


    1. I’m not sure it’s a jazz term, but the song is a standard, meaning that everyone knows it. Ella’s fantastic, isn’t she? She did a lot of the “songbook” albums, where she sang music from different composers. I have her Cole Porter and Jerome Kern songbooks, but didn’t know she had done Duke Ellington as well.


  2. I love that you thought outside of the box for this one. I’ve been so short on time lately, that I wasn’t able to put in too much thought on mine. While I’m loving RocktoberMusicFest, I’m looking forward to November and being able to have a little more time.


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