Skeletons! #socs

Today’s secret woid is “bone.” So what do I think of? Cartoons! Specifically, cartoons with skeletons in them!

Specifically the cartoons of Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney‘s friend and the inventor of Mickey Mouse. He was responsible for some classic cartoons back in his day, when cartoons were, as I’ve said, done for adult entertainment. He did some pretty spooky cartoons involving skeletons, such as 1929’s The Haunted House, starring Mickey Mouse.

Another ‘toon from 1929 was the “Silly Symphony” classic, The Skeleton Dance.

Ub and Walt had a falling out, and Ub left and started his own studio in 1930. In 1931, he did Spooks, which featured another of his creations, Flip The Frog. You’ll note it’s very much like The Haunted House, proving it’s OK to plagiarize, as long as you’re stealing from yourself.

In 1937, he “borrowed” many of his ideas from The Skeleton Dance and created Skeleton Frolic, this one in living color. (Well, maybe not living…)

Hope you’ve enjoyed these. Have a good weekend.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. And now a word about Carnation Instant Breakfast. It turns glass of milk into a balanced meal!

We loved this stuff…

21 thoughts on “Skeletons! #socs

  1. I must have been mildly traumatized by those cartoons as a child, because I can’t bring myself to watch them. I don’t know, but black and white seems scarier.


    1. I can certainly understand that. They weren’t intended for kids at first, then TV stations licensed them (and The Three Stooges, and The Little Rascals, and…) to have something to show the kiddies after school.

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  2. I missed your ping back but found you any way 🙂

    I remember watching re-runs of the Skeleton Dance about this time every year. The owl at the beginning was partly why I started collecting owl statues and making macrame owls. Creepy but in a good way.

    I also remember the variety pack of Carnation instant breakfast. I always picked the blue package which was vanilla simply because blue was a pretty color. I don’t think I even liked the taste. No one ever wanted the strawberry. Eventually my dad would drink it even though instant breakfast was usually just for us kids.


    1. Yeah, I forgot the pingback. Duh.

      I was the weird kid that liked the strawberry. Either that, or that was all that was available by the time I got to it. One of my brothers would have Instant Breakfast with his breakfast. Very strange.

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      1. That fact that Instant Breakfast was the precursor to today’s meal replacements, went right over my head as a kid. I never had breakfast AND instant breakfast but what your brother did would have made sense to me since I always thought of instant breakfast as just a drink.

        Maybe strawberry is an acquired taste? I’d pick it now.


        1. It was like Strawberry Quik, another acquired taste. There was a drink called PDQ (they sponsored the game show of the same name) that was a competitor to Ovaltine that came in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and I think egg nog flavors. Those were the days, when they did everything they could to get you to drink milk. Didn’t matter if it was whole milk, either, they knew we’d run it off by dinnertime…

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          1. I enjoy these memories.
            Strawberry Quik was sickeningly sweet. Bleh!

            We were an Ovaltine family. We had milk delivery for a short time. Until we started getting milk at the drive through ice house. Always whole milk. I had no idea there was such a thing as skim until high school.

            And yes we’d run it off. We roamed the neighborhood from dawn to dusk. Good times. 😂


            1. Strawberry Quik was good for maybe one glass at a time. Give me the chocolate anytime.

              I can remember getting two gallons of milk delivered at a time (three growing boys, you know). We stopped getting milk delivered when I could walk to the store and buy it by the half gallon, which was every day. I don’t know if it was cheaper that way, but Mom thought it was.

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  3. Love these cartoons and I couldn’t help but think that my mom was a year old in1929. I wish to see more of the Silly Symphonies. I know I can on YouTube. I always love skeletons and Ray Harryhausen comes to mind. For. What I know Disney ruled a tight ship so not surprised this man left. They are all well done. If I can find it, you should watch Bugs Bunny meeting Dracula…way too funny.


    1. You’re obviously thinking of “Jason and the Argonauts” with Harryhausen’s spectacular stop-action animation of the skeletons. I had it in my mind to include that, ad damned if I didn’t forget it. It’s like Anton Karas and the zither on Monday. I’ve got to find a better way to keep track of these ideas…


  4. Great cartoons, John – perfect thing for a rainy Saturday morning. It’s funny how the Carnation ad ends with “and that’s a promise from Carnation.” I doubt many companies would make that statement today (and I know we wouldn’t believe most of them).


  5. Ah, those videos bring back memories of how the music drew me in and how the comics fit so well with it. Thanks for the spooky smiles, John! Happy SoCS to you!

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