The Hallowe’en Eve Eve Eve Week That Was

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Had to look up Dorothea McGowan, so I put her name into DuckDuckGo and it spit out the Wikipedia page for Dorothy McGowan. She was born in Brooklyn to Irish immigrant parents, she has a sister Mary and two brothers, Peter (now deceased), who was a police officer before becoming a Catholic priest, and James, another police officer who was the negotiator in the hostage crisis that was the basis for the movie Dog Day Afternoon. After starring in the movie Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? in 1966, she quit modeling and acting, had two children with ex-husband Didier Dorot, and as of 2007 she lives in Mamaroneck, New York.

Well, I thought it was interesting.

The Week That Was

Can you believe October is almost over? 2018 sure went by in a hurry. Things here turned into fall in a hurry; we’ve had the heat on already. Lots of rain this week, but it’s sunny now with hardly a cloud in the sky. Anyway, enough about the weather, here’s the summary for the week.

Helen’s word was “lost,” which is “perdido” in Spanish. “Perdido” is also a jazz standard originally played by the Duke Ellington Orchestra. I found a fantastic version of it as sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

Michele’s theme for Monday was “songs with unusual instruments.” I went with a definition that included both unusual instruments and instruments used outside their usual milieu, e.g. a harp in jazz or an oboe in rock. I missed one song that many would have included, Anton Karas’s “Harry Lime Theme,” from the classic movie The Third Man, played on a zither.

I also passed on any songs with the didgeridoo, which Ed tells me Dougie MacLean played at the same time as the guitar. I couldn’t find a version that included didgeridoo, so Ed, if you know where one is, leave me a comment.

In what turned out to be a close race, Jo Stafford defeated Kimiko Itoh with her version of “Autumn In New York,” 6-4.

Chuck Mangione, who had a monster hit with “Feels So Good” in 1977, was the featured artist.

Found a line on Apartment Therapy about how cats seem to see us. I featured a Sucrets commercial from the mid-’60’s that showed a man walking around in the rain with a sore throat, taking a Sucret to ease his minor sore throat pain, and feeling so good that he lights up a cigarette that got a few comments as well.

We were to write about a time we were wrong, and I wrote about the day I thought I’d get home early from Des Moines and didn’t think I’d have any trouble making a flight. Needless to say, I didn’t think to call the airport, and I should have. I mean, it was Des Moines, how busy could the airport be, right?

I returned to Rochester, New York and to WSAY, AM 1390, to feature their Top 10 from 1970. I had featured them earlier in the year, but they had good music on their survey, so I featured them again.

The prompt was “bone,” and the voices told me to feature Ub Iwerks cartoons from the ’30’s that featured skeletons. Birgit was kind enough to point out that I neglected to include the scene from the classic 1963 movie Jason and the Argonauts in which skeletons, animated by Ray Harryhausen using stop-action photography, fought our heroes and lost. Let me make amends here.

Freebie day on M4, and I hate to disappoint everyone, but I will not be featuring Hallowe’en music. Sorry. We’ll have another Battle of the Bands this Thursday, featuring a great soul tune from the late ’60’s. Apart from that, no major surprises, unless I think of one.

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and that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “The Hallowe’en Eve Eve Eve Week That Was

  1. It was a good week on your blog 🙂
    Apropos to Des Moines — sometimes I have to call Des Moines places of business in my line of work and I have to tell you, after years of these calls — That is one of the nicest, friendliest places I’ve never been. I bet everyone from Des Moines is eager to get home, lol!


    1. I always liked going to Des Moines, though I didn’t get the chance too often: one of the guys I worked with had a girlfriend there, and he usually got the Des Moines jobs. But it is a nice place.


  2. I’m trying to catch up. We just returned from a long weekend in Helen, GA. Friday and a portion of Saturday were wet and cold. Sunday and this morning were beautiful. The city was quite lively on it’s last day of Octoberfest. We had a great time and glad to be back.


  3. Hey thank for showcasing the great Anton Karras and the wonderful snippet from this fun movie. I still think this is one of the best fight scenes


    1. Oh, the movie was a classic. I don’t think that CGI could make it any better. The effects in that movie were remarkable, even more so when you consider the technology with which they were created. Harryhausen saw in his mind what could be done in the future and reproduced it using the technology he had. Tom Hanks considers it the greatest film ever made (so saith Wikipedia).

      Karas was a master of the zither and recorded many more songs besides the “Third Man” theme. I should feature him sometime…


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