Two For Tuesday: Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer is the daughter of Dutch jazz saxophonist Hans Dulfer. She started following in her father’s footsteps when she was six, learning first the soprano saxophone, then switching over to alto in her teens. She’s played with a number of rock acts, including Prince, Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics, who produced her first album, 1990’s Saxuality), Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, and Tower of Power, and recorded an album with her father, 2002’s Dulfer & Dulfer.

“Lily Was Here” was the first most of us heard of her. This 1989 single was included on Saxuality and features Stewart on guitar. The song reached #6 on the Hot 100.

“For The Love Of You” is the title track from her 1997 album. It’s a cover of The Isley Brothers’ 1975 hit that was also a hit for Whitney Houston.

Candy’s most recent album is 2017’s Together, available on the iTunes Store and She’s written her autobiography, Sax, Candy & Rock ‘n’ Roll, which appears to only be available in Europe. She’s all over social media, as you might expect, and has her own website.

Candy Dulfer, your Two for Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

9 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Candy Dulfer

  1. Yeah, not the best fan but can’t be a lover of all music. She is a great musician, that can’t be argued so it’s just about personal preference. The first one makes me think it is background music for some 80s movie. I am enjoying you showing all these easy jazz listening music though and am surprised that I liked some.


    1. This is one of those series that could go on for a while, because there are so many good smooth jazz artists. I’m sure you’ll find a couple more you like.

      “Lily Was Here” came out in 1989, so who knows, maybe it was used in a movie…


  2. I absolutely love Candy Dulfer. I have all her albums but her most recent and the collaboration with her father. Looks like I need to catch up a bit. She is not only a great saxophonist, but she’s got some pretty funky beats.


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