I Found This #1LinerWeds On My Hard Drive…

Actually, I did the picture, but I had the line on another document.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Hai Karate after shave and cologne. Be careful how you use it.

Never worked this way for me…

14 thoughts on “I Found This #1LinerWeds On My Hard Drive…

  1. That is so funny and I bet so true. I remember those High Karate commercials and they made me laugh but I never understood why the man would not want a pretty girl all over him.


    1. The way she goes at him when she gets a whiff of his Hai Karate, maybe he’s afraid for his life.

      Since I started using LastPass, the only password I need to know is the master one, but I was as bad as anyone about passwords. I had a system for my work password: the day and date I last changed it. If I changed it today, it’d th110818. It was fine back in the days when the only signon I had was for the mainframe at work, but then the world got a whole lot more complicated…


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