112 Words About The Holidays (Writers Workshop)

I can’t believe that next Thursday will be Thanksgiving. It seems like the year has sped by. We have a casual attitude toward the holidays. For example, we don’t do a turkey on Thanksgiving, because we have turkey a few times the year. We’ll probably have ribs and side dishes, mashed potatoes for Mary, mac & cheese for me. Oh, and pie. We don’t decorate the house for Christmas because of the cats. We’d just as soon drive around the neighborhood and look at everyone else’s Bacchanalias. We love the week between Christmas and New Year’s, because it’s quiet. We have pizza rolls on New Year’s Eve. Neither one of us remembers why.

Wow, that was quick…

20 thoughts on “112 Words About The Holidays (Writers Workshop)

  1. Are we talking something like Totino’s pizza rolls from the frozen food section? Those would be easy I guess, but I don’t much care for those like I used to. For a while many years ago, my mother used to make pepperoni rolls for events like New Years. They’re like the state food of West Virginia so maybe that’s why my mother used to make them since she’s from WV. But I don’t know: I don’t remember her ever making them before the 70’s and her fad for them only lasted a few years if I remember correctly.

    Usually our main snack at Mom’s for festive occasions was cold cocktail shrimp and those mini sausages simmered in BBQ sauce. But those days are now gone with the passing of my mother. If I were together with my siblings then we’d probably have those things, but this year we’ll likely have a small celebration here at home. Have to wait and see.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Totino’s would be a step up: we get the Kroger house brand pizza rolls. Just as good and a few bucks cheaper.

      When you say “cold cocktail shrimp,” are you talking about shrimp cocktail, or just the shrimp with optional cocktail sauce on the side? I’m in favor of the latter…


      1. Yeah, just the cold shrimp with sauce on the side or the option of melted butter. I usually prefer the cocktail sauce because I like horseradish.


  2. With the salmonella outbreak, we may not have turkey this year either. I stopped decorating the house when the kids got older and while we always have a tree, there have been a few years when it was just a small one. Mimosas on Christmas morning and again on New Year’s Eve. Your holidays sound perfect.


    1. Just because it’s traditional to have turkey on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean the Thanksgiving Police will arrive at your door and haul you off to prison if you don’t have it. It’s just Mary and I, and neither of us are all that enthused about turkey, so we figure we’ll just do our own thing. Mom, of course, would be horrified…

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    1. Exactly. It’s too late to start anything new, and most people finish everything they need to get done before Christmas. When the company I worked for was owned by Dun and Bradstreet, we’d get the week off, since so many people took it anyway. More companies need to do that…


  3. I like non-traditional things for holiday feasting sometimes. For ourselves, I like slow cooking a few Turkey thighs, since that’s the only part of the turkey I like eating. One thigh will feed us both and goes great with any side I want to make. I also make White Turkey Chili with some of that meat, too, to have with cornbread. Yum.


    1. Mary makes turkey a couple of times a year, and that satisfies any desire we have for it. We do ribs on Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas. Who needs the hassle? It’s supposed to be a holiday…


    1. We get the Corky’s ribs from the freezer case (Kroger has them and Publix might). They’re just enough for the two of us and they come precooked with sauce on them. Mary just pops them in the oven. We go as low-stress as we can on the holidays.

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    1. And I think the only day we do have them is New Year’s Eve.

      By the way, I left a message at YouTube, but thanks again for doing the Mock Apple Pie. I’ve always wondered about that. No one in my family has ever been into making pies, except for Grandma Holton, and I can’t remember her doing it.


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