A Roll Of The Dice #socs

Riddle me this: if the plural of mouse is mice, why isn’t the singular of dice douse?

Source: Pixabay

Dice (that can be used as a singular or plural, though most people use die for just one) are an essential part of board games, like Monopoly or Clue. A roll of the dice tells you how many spaces to move. There are other games that use more dice, of course, like Yahtzee, which uses five dice. You get up to three rolls to reach one of the required combinations. The first roll is always with all five, then you get two more rolls with some or all of the five. The score sheet tells you what combinations you have to get. Get the same number on all five dice, it’s called a Yahtzee, and you get 50 points. There’s a Wikipedia article on it, if you’re interested.

Standard dice, the kind they use in board games, Yahtzee, and Las Vegas (for craps) are cubes with one to six pips (little dots) on them. There are other types of dice, though, as you see in the picture above. They’re usually used for role-playing games…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from the makers of Winkels panty hose. Only $1.99!

Anyone else recognize Vic Tayback?

29 thoughts on “A Roll Of The Dice #socs

    1. There’s a game called Catholic Trivia, which is kind of like Trivial Pursuit. (I think it’s out of print, but there are other similar games out there.) You get a Bingo card to keep score, and the first person to get Bingo wins. One night we decided to play a coverall game (where you cover all the spaces on the card). It went on for hours…

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  1. I remember playing a lot of Yahtzee when I was maybe 10? We loved it. Now, I can’t imagine why, except that we were kids and maybe it was winter, nothing was on any of he 3 TV channels, and we didn’t have internet. Or maybe it was just fun. 🙂


    1. Pretty much any polyhedron can be used as a die. I think they use a four-sided and a 20-sided die in role-playing games (the pre-computer ones, anyway). I have a set of Story Cubes, nine 6-sided dice that have pictures on the faces. The idea is that you roll the dice and build a story based on the pictures. Haven’t used them much…

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  2. If the plural of mouse is mice, why isn’t the plural of house hice? – Or the singular of rice rouse? Now I’m going to be thinking about this all day.


  3. I play Yahtzee with my family now and then. I also used to play Dungeons Dragons, and still have the different sets of multi-sided dice I used. I even crack an occasional joke about rolling for initiative.


  4. Vic Tayback? I hadn’t thought of him in decades!!! I always liked him. I don’t remember the panty hose commercial but that is funny. It’s funny now especially. I was curious about him and to see what all he acted in and how and when he died so I went to my Go-To for quick info (wiki). I know he’s mostly known for his role in Alice (and the movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore) but take a gander at all of the television shows in which he had roles. Going down that list, there are so many of my show favorites and it made me realize that even though he was known mostly for that one show, I had definitely seen him in countless others during the 70s. He had that distinct voice and character.


    And Yatzee was my very favorite dice game! Reminds me of all the summers I spent in Pennsylvania when I was growing up, staying with my Aunt Judy and my cousin Brad, usually for 6 weeks every summer. I loved it and I bet my mom sure was thankful for a break from me! 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. There are a lot of character actors who aren’t exactly stars, but they were always working because they were so good at what they did. Tayback was one of them. Another, and my personal favorite, was Richard Anderson, who was Oscar Goldman in “$6 Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman.” He was never the star of the show, but always added to the quality. Another is Lloyd Bochner. Nita Talbot and Anne Francis were a couple of women who were great character actors, though Ms. Francis was “Honey West” for one season. Watch old episodes of “Perry Mason,” “Murder She Wrote,” and “Columbo,” and you’ll see a lot of them. (By the way, IMDb is a good place to find a list of credits for actors.) As for Winkels panty hose, I think they were a local brand or maybe one that was sold exclusively at department stores, where the station announcer would say “Available at (insert name of department store)” at the end of the commercial.

      Yahtzee was everyone’s favorite dice game, not that there are many of them out there. Spill-N-Spell or Perquackey give you dice with letters on the faces, so they kind of count. All of them are great fun, and bring back memories for everyone. That’s the best part of the board/dice/card games, hanging out with your family and/or friends. I don’t think the video/computer games do that as well.


  5. I rarely gamble…almost never. But for some reason, I’ve lately been desiring to learn craps. I think I just like the idea of how animated you get to be when you thrown the dice down


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