Song Lyric Sunday: “Listen”

Time for another Song Lyric Sunday, and Helen has chosen “listen” as the prompt for today. I saw that, and said, “Hey, Chicago did a song called ‘Listen’!” And I had my post.

“Listen” was from Chicago’s 1969 debut album, which was called The Chicago Transit Authority because that had been the name of the band before the real CTA, the company that runs the buses and trains, got a restraining order against them for using their trademark. (The band then decided that “Chicago” would be a good name and that the city likely wouldn’t sue because city names are Public Domain.) Anyway, this was the second song on Side 2 of Disc 1 back in the vinyl days (song #5 on the CD, on which both discs fit), one of my favorite all-time album sides. It was written and sung by keyboardist Robert Lamm.

The lyrics, from AZLyrics:

If you think that we’re here for the money
You couldn’t be right, you know-ow-ow-ow
But the bread is not too good here
It wasn’t always like that, you know
I said all you got to do is listen

If you don’t hear what you can tell us
If it’s good you can tell us all
Or you can smile, that’s alright my friend
It could be so nice, you know
If only you would listen

Yeah listen
If you don’t understand it, no no no no
You got to try to fly
And don’t you put me down, please
For creating beyond your mind
I said all you got to do is listen

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday for November 18, 2018.

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  1. This is one I don’t remember. Interesting that in 1990 the Commonwealth of Kentucky trademarked their name so now it is no longer “Kentucky” Fried Chicken and Neil Diamond doesn’t sing “Kentucky” Woman because he would have to pay a fee. Guess Kentucky needed the money more than Chicago does – LOL


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