BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Poinciana” (Again) Results

Now, that’s more like it…

Having been less than thrilled with the results of the last “Poinciana” battle, where The Four Freshmen cleaned up the floor with Wulfpeck, my most recent battle pitted The Four Freshmen against Manhattan Transfer on the song. Here are the results…

The Four Freshmen: 3

Manhattan Transfer: 5

I was happy to see that a few of you had trouble picking a clear winner and had to listen to both covers a couple of times before you could pick a winner. Not that I want to cause any undue stress, mind you, but it shows me that this battle was a little better-conceived than the last “Poinciana” battle. A couple of you also pointed out that on a different day, your vote might have been different, so the results might have been the complete opposite of what they were.

Anyway, congratulations to Manhattan Transfer, and a pat on the back to The Four Freshmen, who have to be satisfied with a split.

My next battle will be on December 1. Tune in then!

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