The One Month To Christmas Week That Was

Here’s Bing Crosby for Minute Maid Orange Juice.

We’ll be hearing a lot more from Bing as the Christmas season progresses. Note that one of his sons is wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. Bing was a 25% shareholder in the team from 1946 until his death in 1977.

The Week That Was

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is exactly one month away. This was Mom’s favorite time of the year. I think it’s mine, too, although Spring Training is in the mix, too.

Spent part of the week fighting Browser Wars. Seems that the only browser I can be sure will support LastPass and Evernote is Google Chrome, which I took a notion against after word of their abusing the privilege of having me use their browser. The latest victim was Safari, the browser delivered with the Mac operating system, which is weird and ugly anyway. So, I’m grudgingly back to Chrome, and I’m making peace with it.

Hey, when you get a chance and you’re so inclined, I’m mentioned in Mama Kat’s latest “Off The Box” video, where she makes the recipes off of boxes, cans, tins, etc. I suggested she try the recipe for Mock Apple Pie that was on the back of the Ritz Cracker box for years (but isn’t anymore) and she did it! And it was actually pretty good! Kat runs the Writer’s Workshop that I do every Thursday, and which y’all are welcome to join. Details are here.

Had a busy week this week, despite the holiday. Here’s the summary.

Helen’s prompt for Song Lyric Sunday was “listen,” also the name of a Chicago song from their first album, which was my choice.

It’s a tradition with M4 that the week before Thanksgiving is always the week we all do songs about what we’re grateful for and/or songs about giving thanks. I have a mental block about such songs, so every year turns out to be a permutation of the year before, and this was no exception.

Saxophonist Gerald Albright was the featured artist.

Once again, Lamebook had an especially pithy observation, this one about two of the most aggravating things about working, i.e. meetings and emails.

The re-do of the “Poinciana” battle came out with a much more satisfying result.

The prompt was “accident” and led to a post that included Bob Ross, traffic accidents, and how to cook a turkey if you want it ready for breakfast.

Also on Thursday, which was the 55th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy, I shared a couple of hours’ worth of video of ABC’s coverage of the event. For many adults born in or before 1959, this was the most significant moment in history, at least until 9/11/01. There are literally hours of the coverage of the event and its aftermath on YouTube, which many will find interesting, not just from a historical perspective, but to see how news was covered in the early ’60’s.

I found a scan of an actual WLS Silver Dollar Survey from the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1967 on Pinterest, so that was the Top 10 I covered. I didn’t remember some of them, which I why I do this.

This week’s prompt was “digest,” which led me (and several others) to a discussion of Reader’s Digest magazine, not just a monthly periodical but a cultural icon.

Tomorrow is the last “freebie” day on Monday’s Music Moves Me before our annual Bacchanalia of Christmas songs, and I’ve picked some less-remebered songs from the ’60’s, because it worked so well the last time. The “Smooth Jazz” series continues on Two For Tuesday, and the rest of the week is the same as always. There will be another Battle of the Bands this Saturday, so be sure and come by and offer your opinion on the contestants.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Fun video that Kat did on the mock apple pie. I’ve actually made one before, and yes it does turn out really good tasting. If you didn’t know it was crackers, you’d definitely think there were apples in there. 🙂


    1. One of his sons from his first marriage wrote a tell-all book a la “Mommy Dearest” about how Bing made his life a living hell. His brothers basically said he was making too much of it. My mom used to tell horror stories about her father, too. I think kids (boys especially) of that generation were raised with harsh discipline, and they in turn raised their children the way they were brought up. My parents weren’t as strict as theirs had been, and in turn people of our generation weren’t as strict, to the point that now kids have absolutely no discipline. As for his second family, he was in his fifties when he remarried, so I’m not sure he had the energy to discipline those kids (he was in his mid to late 60s when the commercial was shot).

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