Writer’s Workshop: Perchance To Dream

Lately, I’ve been trying to go to bed around 11:00. I decided a few weeks ago that I really have no reason to stay up much later than that. I can remember when the night’s festivities were just getting started around then. No more.

I sleep well most nights, but after dinner I start falling asleep. I’ve already checked that it isn’t diabetes, so that isn’t the issue. I’ll be playing Slices on my phone, and the next thing you know I’m waking up from a nap. Not a long one, but I’ll know I’ve been sleeping and won’t have a clue when I fell asleep.

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Discovered a new game: Slices. Got tired of Two Dots.

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I have really vivid dreams. Maybe it’s the bupropion I take before bed or all the stuff I take to keep my blood pressure at an acceptable level, but I go to sleep and weird things start happening in my head. One recent night, I dreamt I was walking around in a cubicle farm, looking for my desk. Another time, I dreamt about getting up. When I woke up, it was time to get up, and I had to do it all over again.

This morning, I had a dream where my conscious mind was talking to my unconscious self. That’s never happened before. It was like I had access to the real world from my dream. I wish I could go the other way, and be able to enter my dream world from the conscious one, because weird things happen. Like I’ll be on the “L” in Chicago (the elevated trains, especially the ones that circle the downtown area, which is why Chicagoans call it “the Loop”), and when I get off the train I’m in Marshall Field’s. I’ll walk out the door and be in the lobby of Harris Bank (where I used to work), take the elevator to one of the floors and get off into a hallway in a Courtyard Hotel (I stayed at them a lot when I was traveling). I’ll go into one of the rooms and find myself in the grill at Norris Center at Northwestern. And it’ll just go on like that. Sometimes I wake up so tired I have to go back to sleep.

I wish I could remember some of the weirder stuff. Maybe I should try recording it.

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Perchance To Dream

  1. Yeah…I fell on my face with visits..my apologies. When dreams are so vivid, the brain is working overtime so I am not surprised that you are tired. I have vivid dreams and often wake up tired. The other night I dreamed that Godzilla was destroying the town I was in and I was trying to stay alive. I have had many dreams where either Godzilla or the T Rex is chasing me and a group of people. Dreams are fascinating but exhausting. I have fallen asleep at work..I get so tired thT I wake up and I notice that I have typed the W letter repeatedly. I get very, very tired.


    1. With me, it’s usually commas. My theory is that sleep gives the brain a chance to do what we called in the computer world “offline maintenance.” Sometimes you need a lot of it…


  2. I have had lucid dreams, where I understand that I am dreaming and I can interact with the dream world. It’s a strange area of consciousness. I usually enjoy the dream, but it’s not a good night’s sleep.


  3. Sometimes I laugh out loud while I’m sleeping and my husband wakes me up because it’s creepy. He’ll ask me what I was dreaming about and I can never remember. My son also does this. Makes for a creepy night’s sleep for my husband. HA!


  4. My husband has dreams a lot and he says they are weird ones. I have heard him talking in his sleep many times. He is on bupropion and other blood pressure meds too so maybe it is from them. I rarely dream or if I do I don’t remember them in the morning, except for the ones where I wake up screaming (or my husband wakes me up because I am screaming). Thankfully, that doesn’t happen very often. Reading about your dream makes me tired so I can imagine what it does for you!


  5. Wow! Those dreams of entering one place and finding yourself in the next would be so interesting! I always tell myself I’d like to be in bed by 10pm…I think it was a New Year’s Resolution. Haven’t been very successful at that!


    1. The world my mind conjures up is different, to say the least. I don’t generally have nightmares, though sometimes the dreams are unsetttling. Years ago, I started doing a class for which there hadn’t been a regular instructor for almost a year, and the pent-up demand was such that for a good month that was the only class I did. By about the third week, I was teaching the class in my dreams. That was just bizarre.


    1. As I was reading your comment, I got this image of janitors wandering around the brain with floor polishers. Come to think of it, the floors (and the restrooms) in my dreams are all clean…


  6. My dreams are crazy and most of the time make no sense. I dream about where I use to work and some of the poeple I worked with. In a lot of my dreams, I’m driving a car. If I am having a bad dream and I wake up from it, I get up and walk around so it doesn’t continue when I go back to sleep. All of my dreams are in vivid colors and I also have recurring dreams. Needless to say, dreams are fascinating.


  7. I always dream crazy. I’ve never dreamt anything normal in my life and am prone to nightmares, so I get the interruption issue. :/ Lucid dreaming can be enhanced by keeping a dream diary, getting up and writing them down immediately. I was pretty diligent with that before I had kids. I’m not a great sleeper, either. I take melatonin sometimes, it’s pretty effective, and I like it better than benzos because no chance of addiction.
    I frequently have insomnia in the winter, with the lack of sun. It’s gotten better with age, I think.
    When I fall asleep without realizing it’s happening, I wake up thrilled, usually very good sleep. Rare for me.
    I hope you figure out what’s gonna work best for you, John.


    1. I think what works best is just knowing I had a weird dream and enjoying the fact that I did. I get images sometimes of something in the dream, and I’ll play around with those, writing down what I can remember, to see if there’s a common theme or thread that ties them together. I’ll work something out eventually…

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