Carl Perkins and Just 24 More Days! #socs

Here’s a little music for you: The Beatles doing Carl Perkins’s “Matchbox.”

George Harrison was a huge Carl Perkins fan. Watch him in this clip. He’s having the time of his life. In Rock & Roll Heaven, I’ll bet he and Carl jam like this every night.

We’re in December now, meaning that things will be ramping up for the next 31 days. After all that excitement, January just seems like a huge anticlimax. Ever notice that? The tree’s down and either packed away or has been recycled into mulch, the decorations have all been put away, the presents are either in use or tucked away in the back of a drawer, waiting to be found one day in the distant future, when you’ll pull it out and ask yourself, “where the hell did this come from?” Really, the next big holiday is Memorial Day (I’m talking here in the US; I don’t know much about anywhere else, so feel free to tell me about it) which is like five months later. Maybe that’s why Valentine’s Day has become such a big deal, because there really isn’t much else. I mean, there’s St. Patrick’s Day and Easter (or Purim and Passover if you’re Jewish), but what else is there? Here in the US, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on the third Monday in January, and President’s Day, formerly known as George Washington’s birthday (they moved it to give Federal employees a three-day weekend in February) on the third Monday in February, but that’s all I can think of.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…

Christmas is coming,
The geese are getting fat,
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.
If ye haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do,
And if you haven’t got a ha’penny,
Well, God bless you.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Ann Miller for Great American Soups.

Ann Miller was about 50 years old when she did this commercial, and she was still the hottest thing on two legs. She was a spectacular dancer.

23 thoughts on “Carl Perkins and Just 24 More Days! #socs

    1. The first one didn’t have much action in it, but it featured The Beatles at the top of their game. The second more than made up for it: practically everyone was a legend and all of them appreciated the talent of the others. You could tell Carl Perkins was really enjoying himself.


  1. The January anticlimax is why I leave my Christmas decorations up at least until after Epiphany, sometimes longer, and take things down in stages to avoid the shock of bareness/withdrawal.


    1. We always took ours down on Epiphany at home. That seems to be about average. Here, one of the local TV stations has places all over town where you can have it chipped down to mulch, starting the day after Christmas. They don’t get a lot of business until after New Year’s though.

      My brother (the one who lives in Kansas) would put up a tree for his kids, then they’d take it down on Christmas and drive to Chicago, getting there in time to have dinner with Mom. It was pretty wild…

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  2. The thought of Carl and George jamming like this every night gives be chills in the best way possible. There may or may not be some chair dancing going on around here. Ringo is really enjoying this too.

    I have noticed the January “blues” but videos like this one might just do the trick to keep them away from me this year. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. That it is. That’s part of a longer video; it was an entire concert that honored Carl and every one of them performed separately. I remember seeing a copy at Blockbuster (which shows you how many years ago it was) but not renting it. In retrospect, I should have.

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  3. Ha! I loooove that commercial. I am planting myself in this holiday season because the aftermath is such an emotional letdown. I want to stroll through Christmas as though it could last forever, not the shopping or the manic preparations…but the feel good positive shift in most people, the generosity between family and friends, the lights, the forgetting daily drudge and the extra days off of work. I hope your holidays are peaceful John…and slow moving.


    1. Ann Miller is more athletic than many of the other dancers of the period (Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell, etc.), which makes watching her a lot of fun. She put a lot of energy into her dancing, much like Gene Kelly.

      December is a great time for saying “I’ll worry about that next year,” since next year is only a couple of weeks away. Maybe that’s why January feels so lousy, because you’ve put everything off… Hope your holidays are good ones, too!


  4. Wow! Love the video, John. We leave our tree up until mid-Jan – just because. Jan is a boring and usually dreary month so anything bright and cheery helps. Happy holidays to you and yours.


    1. Thanks! You, too!

      I know it’s January when I hear the wind chimes on the front porch ringing like crazy on one of those blustery cold days. It’s like being back in Chicago. Good thing about those days is that they’re generally sunny.

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  5. I use the post-holiday down time to catch up on all the things I was too busy to manage throughout the year. I love those few months… probably the only time of the year in which I do not feel overwhelmed


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