Two for Tuesday EXTRA: “How Smooth Jazz Took Over The ’90’s”

I found this video from Estelle Caswell at Vox about the Smooth Jazz Phenomenon of the ’90’s. While Smooth Jazz started much earlier than then and is still going strong despite the format disapparing from the airwaves (but not the Internet), I like her description.

It took me a minute to find her playlist, which is on Spotify rather than YouTube. You can find it here. You’ll need a Spotify account, which is free (unless you want to pay $10 a month for a premium subscription).

As I mentioned above, the Smooth Jazz format has pretty much disappeared from the airwaves, but there is still a veritable plethora of the music on the Internet, and many of those outlets have apps that run on iOS and Android devices. Some of the ones I listen to include,, and Additionally, and both have several Smooth Jazz channels and apps to go along with them. A lot of these can be accessed through Alexa and other virtual assistants. As a good friend of mine used to say, knock yourself out…

10 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday EXTRA: “How Smooth Jazz Took Over The ’90’s”

    1. My uncle Jack calls it “crossword music”: he puts it on before he does the crossword puzzle, or while he’s reading. I have tinnitus and it helps me to have something to listen to while I’m working (I use white noise to help get to sleep). It’s not “real” jazz, although it has elements of it.

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