Musical Stuff #socs

Remember Musical Chairs when you were a kid? The game where n kids walk around n-1 chairs while music plays, and when the music stops, everyone scrambles for a chair, and the kid who doesn’t make it drops out, taking one of the chairs with him, so there are n-1 kids and n-2 chairs, and it all starts again, until there are two kids and one chair? An example…

The late Irish comedian Dave Allen had his own version on his 1970’s TV show.

I use the expression “the musical question,” (e.g. “that’s the musical question!”) even when there’s no music involved. Here are a couple of musical questions…

There are still musicals being written for the stage, but they don’t typically make them into movies like in the middle of the last century. Remember movies like Oklahoma!, Paint Your Wagon, Holiday Inn, and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying? How about Annie Get Your Gun, Fancy Pants, Paleface, and The Music Man? There are hundreds of them, all of which started on the stage and eventually were made into movies. Going to the theater (“thee-a-tah”) was a relatively expensive proposition, and that was if you managed to live in a town that actually had one. The movies, in contrast, were relatively cheap, and movie theaters were ubiquitous (there’s a word for you), and even if you missed it the first time around, it would almost certainly come to television eventually.

What was my point? I forget…

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16 thoughts on “Musical Stuff #socs

  1. I hated musical chairs. I always got trampled trampled and my feelings hurt while all those Type A kids, who had to win, pushed me aside. In retrospect it was a precursor of my life in the working world… 🤨


    1. Dave Allen was the highlight of my week for a long time. Sadly, when he died, he told his estate not to sell his shows on video. If there’s anyone I’d want to have on video, it’s him.


  2. I love musical chairs, however when I was a kid I always ended crying because of one of brothers who will pushed me to get the chair. ~ Ha, what a great memory. I love the post.


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