Hair And Such #socs

I can’t resist posting this here:

I’m not an especially hairy guy. My hair is long enough to pull back in a ponytail (having it long takes the curl out of it), and I have a mustache and beard, but really not much more. I didn’t really have any noticeable hair on my chest until I reached my 40’s, and by then it all came in gray.

I was in high school when George Carlin did his famous hair poem…

That was in 1972, when it seemed everyone had lots of hair. Now the trend among some men is to have a shaved head, probably to cover up the fact that they’ve gone bald. In fact, some men are shaving the hair off the rest of their bodies. I think they call it “manscaping.” I call it strange. But, to each his own.

Th term “hairy,” which was the actual prompt for today, was used to indicate that something was horrible. Kind of like the infamous Lincoln Towing, according to singer Steve Goodman.

Or maybe it was just that it rhymed with “Gary,” as in Gary, Indiana, hometown of The Jackson 5. Don’t worry, I won’t add a video.

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25 thoughts on “Hair And Such #socs

  1. Excellent take on the prompt, John. LOL – I remember hearing George’s poem back then. The Lincoln Park video I had not heard before – my youngest lived in Logan Square in Chicago and we rode the train to LP a couple of times. Fun Christmas commercial memories too! Thanks for the smiles today, I hope you have a great day!


    1. Lincoln Towing was notorious for towing cars almost at will, and the song is true about breaking into cars and tearing up people’s fenders. I’ve seen both. Eventually they were put out of business, probably because a minor city official’s car got towed and he put up a fuss.

      DePaul University is down near Lincoln Park. I’m not sure whether the Vincentians have been as acquisitive as the Jesuits have been in Rogers Park, but it’s quite a high-priced area…


      1. I don’t recall. I started watching George on Thomas the Tank engine because of Pony. That was the late 80s or early 90s. I went back to watch a few classics and somehow missed the hair poem 😊


  2. The George Carlin big was fun. You’d think the VISA commercial should be required to end with five random people opening their January statement.

    Nice job on the prompt!


  3. I love George Carlin and love this hair poem. It’s funny because my friend was just commenting how he now has lots of hair because he got a hair transplant in Turkey. It looks great!


  4. George Carlin was the best! I miss him so much. Love your post, here. My husband has always had long-ish hair, but never tried a ponytail. I think it’s a great look. πŸ™‚


    1. I had a friend who started losing his hair around the same time mine started going gray, and he always said “I wish mine’d turn gray instead of turnin’ loose.” I’m surprised you never heard that before.

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  5. Oh, now there, you have hair? I care. I may stare and ask if you’d share, if I dare. I’m as bald as a pear, except for a wisp of hair, here and there. Dang it John, it just ain’t fare, or is it fair to have such hair?
    Pony tail ok, man bun…please say no.
    Good one man. I loved the Carlin skit…may use it one day soon. How does shaving one’s head ‘cover up’ the rather obvious fact of baldness. Wouldn’t the be a wig?


  6. My balding son turned 25 this year and shaved it off. My husband didn’t do his until he was almost 40. They’re both rather hairy otherwise, which is ironic to them πŸ™‚
    Just today, my son also complained another man needs to “get a damned haircut!” and we all hooted and hollered with laughter, because when he was a teen, he NEVER wanted a haircut πŸ˜›


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