BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Please Come Home For Christmas” Results

Well, that was pretty decisive:

Jon Bon Jovi: 13

Kelly Clarkson: 3

Congratulations to Jon Bon Jovi and a pat on the back to Kelly Clarkson, who I honestly thought would do better. I think Jon was helped by his shirtless performance and the world’s sexiest chemical engineer (Cindy Crawford studied chemical engineering briefly at Northwestern before embarking on a career in modeling and designing furniture), but so be it.

Next battle will be on New Year’s Day, so be sure and join us then. Thanks for voting!

9 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Please Come Home For Christmas” Results

  1. I didn’t watch but the first few seconds of the Bon Jovi video, but I don’t think it would have influenced me much. I’m not especially surprised that in your readership that Jon Bon Jovi would have more fans than Kelly. You and I had very similar Battle outcomes.

    Have a great Christmas and holiday season! And have the best year ever in 2019!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  2. Yeah, JOHN, sometimes these things don’t go the way we “thunk” they will. I actually expected Tiny Tim to beat Stevie Nicks in my Battle. And although he kept it very close (just a 3-vote differential), he lost.

    Oh, well. As the Dire Straits song goes: “Even the hero gets a bullet in the chest.”

    I was one of those piling on, when it came to the Bon Jovi votes (and I didn’t even watch much of the video).

    JOHN, I hope you and your Good Lady have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll catch up with ya again on the First O’ The New Year, Brother.

    ~ D-FensDogG @ STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’


  3. John,

    Yes, a very decisive win for Bon Jovi. I’m not a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson and gave my vote to BJ but I am a bit surprised that she didn’t get more votes given how popular she is. I hope you and Mary have a joyful Christmas, my friend. Have a good afternoon!


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