BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Please Come Home For Christmas” Results

Well, that was pretty decisive:

Jon Bon Jovi: 13

Kelly Clarkson: 3

Congratulations to Jon Bon Jovi and a pat on the back to Kelly Clarkson, who I honestly thought would do better. I think Jon was helped by his shirtless performance and the world’s sexiest chemical engineer (Cindy Crawford studied chemical engineering briefly at Northwestern before embarking on a career in modeling and designing furniture), but so be it.

Next battle will be on New Year’s Day, so be sure and join us then. Thanks for voting!

9 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Please Come Home For Christmas” Results

  1. John,

    Yes, a very decisive win for Bon Jovi. I’m not a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson and gave my vote to BJ but I am a bit surprised that she didn’t get more votes given how popular she is. I hope you and Mary have a joyful Christmas, my friend. Have a good afternoon!


  2. Yeah, JOHN, sometimes these things don’t go the way we “thunk” they will. I actually expected Tiny Tim to beat Stevie Nicks in my Battle. And although he kept it very close (just a 3-vote differential), he lost.

    Oh, well. As the Dire Straits song goes: “Even the hero gets a bullet in the chest.”

    I was one of those piling on, when it came to the Bon Jovi votes (and I didn’t even watch much of the video).

    JOHN, I hope you and your Good Lady have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll catch up with ya again on the First O’ The New Year, Brother.

    ~ D-FensDogG @ STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’


  3. I didn’t watch but the first few seconds of the Bon Jovi video, but I don’t think it would have influenced me much. I’m not especially surprised that in your readership that Jon Bon Jovi would have more fans than Kelly. You and I had very similar Battle outcomes.

    Have a great Christmas and holiday season! And have the best year ever in 2019!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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