It’s Back! #JustJoJan

It’s January 1, 2019, and it’s the start of Just Jot It January!

Today, Linda herself provided the prompt “whatever you want to write,” with a suggestion that if I haven’t already shared my New Year’s Resolution for 2019, “now would be a good time to do it.” Well, my resolution for this year, as it is with every year since my stroke, is “get out of the year alive.” And I have every intention of doing just that.

I don’t know when I started doing this, but I get a giggle out of it, and since I always do this for my “Linda” blog hops, I think I’ll do it for this one, too. Now a subliminal message from Butter-Nut Coffee.

20 thoughts on “It’s Back! #JustJoJan

    1. He did a lot of voiceover work. Of course, he was the voice of Mr. Magoo. I saw an interview with him where he demonstrated this rubber nose he’d wear to get Magoo’s voice. That was a hilarious cartoon, I don’t care what anyone says.

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  1. Excellent goal for 2019! Thanks for the call-out to Linda’s JusJoJan, I completely forgot about that one, so happy it is back! Hope you have an enjoyable day, and that your 2019 is a wonderful as you are!


  2. Got a kick out of the commercial. Especially liked the commentator trying to pronounce the word “subliminally.” I have a long-standing nonsense thing that I do; I mentally collect words that are hard to pronounce and look for occasions to use them. For example, “specificity.” I’m going to add “subliminally” to the list. Have a great year, John.


  3. Alive sounds good and so does healthy….I almost made it for 2018 so I will shoot for this com8ng year as no colds or health crisis. I do actually plan on going back to my hypoglycaemic diet and I will once all the chocolate is gone:). I plan to walk more too so keep fingers crossed but the only one stopping me…is me.


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