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The Sound Of One Hand Typing celebrates its seventh anniversary this Saturday. A week ago yesterday, I noted that it was my 2,500th post (this will be my 2,512th). that’s an average of 359 posts per year, almost one per day for the whole time this blog has been around. It’s only been since July 1, 2014 that I’ve been blogging every day, and I’ve averaged over a post a day since then.

When I started, I fancied myself somewhat of a writer, a budding fiction writer who would use the blog to announce his new stories and novels and whatever. It became instead a lot of posts about why I wasn’t writing, making excuses for my lack of word output, and stuff like that. I had a hard time trying to figure out why that was, and I landed on an answer: I wasn’t writing fiction because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, and furthermore because I don’t even like to read fiction.

I could have packed it all in then, deleted the blog and be gone without a trace (I’d done that before, a couple of times), except for two things:

  1. The A To Z Challenge. One of the reasons I started the blog was because I wanted to do the A to Z Challenge, and to do that, I needed a blog. It’s in the rules and everything. No blog, no A to Z. The first year I did A to Z, I used the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (alpha, bravo, Charlie etc.) as a daily prompt, and I discovered I enjoyed the challenge of having to come up with something every day on a specific topic. Some of it was memoir, some was music, some was just me trying to produce a post.
  2. Two For Tuesday. You might have noticed I write a lot about music here. It all started at the end of June 2012, when I did a twofer on The Monkees. When I finished it, I said, “you know, I should do this every week.” And, although I’ve done a few reruns, I haven’t missed one.

Gradually, this blog evolved into my writing on music, stories about my past, writing in response to prompts, and me sharing stuff I’ve learned. When I decided that, starting July 1, 2014, I would blog at least once a day, I wanted to see how long I could go without missing a day. It’s been 1,648 days so far. I’ve been retired on disability since 2014, and it gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

This is an entry for Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January. And now a word about Mrs. Scudder’s Potato Chips.

22 thoughts on “Inside The Sound Of One Hand Typing #JusJoJan

  1. I think we are the lucky ones to be able to read and listen to your blog. I enjoy reading your snippets and the music you find even if there are some I don’t care for, I always learn something plus I love these old commercials you find. I had to smile that you wanted to write about something you don’t care for.


    1. Well, thank you! I think I was reading a lot of blogs from fiction writers at the time I started, and I got it in my head that was what I wanted to do. I’m much happier doing whatI do now, whatever that is…


  2. Keep on going, John! Being your uncle and all, I know the history of what you’ve been through and I’m very proud of you.


  3. You are one of the most consistent bloggers I read, in addition to being consistently pleasant. I can’t thank you enough for that. Glad you get out of bed each morning to write your words and share the tunes!


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