It’s A Mystery #JusJoJan

When I see the word “enigmatic,” my mind jumps immediately to the Enigma machine that the Nazis used to encrypt messages that they sent back and forth between different locations. What was notable about the Enigma was that you needed two of them that were set up exactly alike in order to encrypt and decrypt messages. This baffled the Allies until they got hold of a machine and learned how to set it up (with help from the Poles). As much as I try to figure it out (and allegedly I’m smart), I can’t, at least not without watching all the videos on YouTube about it. In this one, Simon Singh demonstrates how one works, and there’s a link to a much longer video in the description, if you really feel like you need to know it.

Now, here’s Carol Channing and the cast of Hogan’s Heroes for General Foods, makers of Jell-O gelatin and Dream Whip whipped topping. There’s always room for Jell-O!

7 thoughts on “It’s A Mystery #JusJoJan

  1. Ah yes…the enigma machine which, even watching this explanation, is still an enigma to me. Love that commercial from Hogan’s Heroes even though I don’t like jello and I hate dream whip.


    1. That commercial is a classic, with Carol Channing coming out of the tunnel and then hiding in the coatrack. There used to be lots of commercials like that, when the shows were sponsored by a specific company. I need to keep my eyes out for more like it.

      I know no more about how the Enigma machine worked, even after watching the videos and reading the Wikipedia article, than I did when I first heard of it. I can appreciate the ingenuity and hard work that must have gone into it without understanding how it does what it does.


  2. Love Sgt. Schultz. “I know nothing…nothing” about the Enigma machine. I only know about the secret decoders like the one in “A Christmas Story.” Think I need to get some Dream Whip to have handy.


    1. The Enigma machine is the Little Orphan Annie Decoder ring on steroids. My guess is they didn’t send messages as innocuous as “Be sure and drink your Ovaltine.” Do they even make Dream Whip anymore? I think they came out with Cool Whip and got rid of Dream Whip, but I’m not sure…

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