Sap, Sep, Sip, Sop, Sup #socs

I’ve enlisted the help of I know, we’re not supposed to do that, but that never stopped me (or anyone else) before.

Remember the big box of 64 Crayola crayons? They’ve changed which colors are in it, but one I’m pretty sure they still have is sepia. I included the CSS code if there’s a chance you might want to use it on a web page.


One day, I got an email from my brother asking me if I knew the answer to a trivia question his boss asked: on parade, why does the French Foreign Legion always bring up the rear? It turns out that the Foreign Legion’s quick march, “Boudin,” at 90 beats per minute, is slower than a standard quick march, 120 beats per minute. When they’re on parade, they’re led by a unit called the Pionniers, a “unit of tradition” consisting of sappers, or battle engineers. They have beards, wear buffalo-hide aprons, and carry axes instead of rifles.

French Foreign Legion Pionniers on parade. Source: Wikipedia, Public Domain

While looking at words for sip, I ran across fissiped. Fissipeds are terrestrial carnivores, like dogs, cats, bears, raccoons, and badgers, whose toes are separated. I guess we might be considered fissipeds, too.

RIP Bucky, one of my fissipeds

Did you know that sophomore comes from two Greek words, sophos (wise) and moros (stupid)? Your second year of high school and college (or university, if you prefer) is called your sophomore year. As a matter of fact, it’s used for your second year at anything, as in “sophomore slump,” what baseball players experience in their second season, regardless of how well or poorly they did in their rookie year. The Braves have a lot of players going into their second season, including Ronald Acuña Jr., last year’s National League Rookie of the Year. Maybe he won’t have one. Braves fans definitely hope so.

Ronald Acuña Jr. (source: Wikipedia, CC0)

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Now here’s Anita Bryant for Coca-Cola. King-size Coca-Cola gives you that refreshing new feeling!

30 thoughts on “Sap, Sep, Sip, Sop, Sup #socs

  1. Good research! Those commercials were strangely interesting and kinda scary, especially the cigarette ones. I smoked for 10 years and still don’t know what a cigarette hangover is. Maybe it was all the bad stuff I adapted to because I didn’t smoke Phillip Morris. Thank God it was only ten years.


  2. RIP Bucky 😦 Your sweet fissiped.

    This post was super informative and very interesting to me. Loved my crayons. I almost got some today with my birthday money.

    I have to wonder how much is in that king-sized Coke? I mean by today’s standards would it still be considered king sized? Appeared to be a 16 ounce bottle. I pretty much gave up soda-water but lately the cravings are back in full force. Mhmmmm.


      1. I’ve read about four posts about maple syrup and sap and sugar shags. Me being from the far side of the Atlantic had no idea there is such a science to it. But that’s why I love SoCS: you learn a lot things that are SEP 😎


  3. I like seeing references to anything Georgia so I liked seeing Ronald’s picture. Even though I am not a big baseball fan, I do miss the south. How I would love a greasy V hotdog, or a Vortex burger. Food from the south, nothing like it.


  4. Rip, sweet bucky! I loved my crayons and I used to try and make new colors with them. Sepia is a cool color and thanks for sharing the CSS code. And those guys in the buffalo-hide aprons, wow! This post is educational and fun!

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    1. The story we got when we adopted Bucky was that he had been adopted by a sorority at Kennesaw State, and they needed to find him a home before they left for the summer. I could tell he had gotten lots of attention. His might have been the easiest introduction into a houseful of cats we had. He just left everyone alone and everyone else did the same. You always regret having a cat (or dog) put down, and question yourself when you do it, asking if it was the right time, then you realize it was best for both of you.

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  5. Nicely done, John. That picture of Bucky makes it look like he had one wild hairdo. A new box of 64 crayola crayons was in our stocking every year when we were kids. Something so cool about that.


    1. His hair is matted. When they get old and sick, cats tend not to take care of themselves. He was never one to let us brush him.

      Tell kids today that the best part of Christmas was finding a new box of 64 crayons (and a sharpener on the back!) was the highlight of your holiday, and they look at you funny. We had more fun, I think…

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  6. That was one of the most educational SoCSes I’ve ever read! Interesting. Except sophomore, I knew that one — and I get to tell one more child about it before I get tired of hearing myself say it 😉


  7. Nice job, John! Made me wanna get a kleenex to sop up some tears…I bet you’re still missing Bucky? xx


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