Uno Momento #JusJoJan

Yes, I realize that Tara’s prompt for today is really memento, but memento and momento are related in that a memento is a reminder of a moment, which in Spanish is momento. Classics IV did a song called “Traces” in 1969, which mentions a few mementos and the sad memories they bring out…

Chicago put a song on Chicago VIII called “Old Days,” that does kind of the same thing, but brings back happy memories. Well, except for Peter Cetera, who sang the song under protest, because he hated “Howdy Doody.”

Last one: Ringo Starr’s “Photograph.”

So a memento is a reminder of a happy time, especially when times aren’t so happy.

Now a word from Honda Motorcycles. Good things happen on a Honda!

15 thoughts on “Uno Momento #JusJoJan

  1. I love your word tie-ins, like “memento” with “momento”. I love mementos — I have a couple of boxes full of ’em. They help jog my memory … without them, there are many things I just wouldn’t recall. That would be sad, as I love good memories. Probably too much.

    You might guess the first song I thought of when I read your post — “Photographs and Memories” by Jim Croce.

    Funny story — I used to listen to music on cheapish radios, and for years I thought Ringo was singing “all I’ve got is a bowl of crap”. 🙂 I would change the station or turn the radio off when that song came on, because “crap” was language I didn’t want to (and shouldn’t) hear. I guess I’ve fallen pretty far, since I’ve written that word twice here without much of a second thought. 😉


    1. There’s also the line where he says “I’d like you here to have an hold” that I alwys thought was “I’d like you here to have a Coke.” Ringo’s hard enough to understand through good speakers…


  2. Good one John. I’ve cried a few times listening to “Traces” at certain times in my life. Didn’t know Peter Cetera didn’t like Howdy Doody. The things you learn reading blogs these days!


  3. These are great songs and really enjoyed listening to them. I am not a howdy doody fan either and much preferred The Friendly Giant…a Canadian staple of tv. Thanks for the memories..pun meant which is what I thought of along with the Streisand song, Memories.


    1. I never watched “Howdy Doody” that I can remember, although I remember having a Little Golden Book that featured him and Crabby Appleton when we lived in Indianapolis in ’59. I remember being rather put out the day Krushchev came to the US because all the shows I used to watch in the morning were canceled…

      Bob Hope had a nice voice, didn’t he? Maybe not as good as Bing’s, but pleasant nonetheless.

      Ah, “The Way We Were,” a depressing song from an era of depressing songs. I always wanted to see K-Tel come out with a whole album of songs like that one, “Send In The Clowns,” “Solitary Man” etc. I was going to write them and suggest it, but couldn’t come up with an appropriate name for it…


  4. I’m always impressed by your music knowledge. Thanks for stopping by Rory is just Rory. (Well actually he’s Rory Francis which is my hubby’s middle name.)


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