Airplanes and Chimneys #JusJoJan

So, M from the blog “wtf am I on about now?” picked today’s prompt, which is “flew/flu/flue.” Interesting: when I went to add it as a tag, it came up. Here’s that post, in case you’re interested.

When I was traveling, I flew all over the place, mostly within the US, but to Canada a few times and to several other places on the globe, including Great Britain, The Netherlands, Colombia, Singapore, and Australia. The US included Hawai’i and Puerto Rico. For our delayed honeymoon, we spent two weeks in Scotland and England. Apart from that, we’ve generally stayed pretty close to home, driving to Chicago a number of times on family business. I got to really despise flying after a while, because I was growing and plane seats were shrinking, and traveling by air had become a gold-plated pain in the ass. We had a rule at work that, if the trip was less than 200 miles (that’s 320 kilometers for you metric fans), we were to drive. By the time I left that job, I’d drive to any destination east of the Rockies.

Have you gotten your flu shot? If you haven’t, get your flu shot. I got mine in October.

We have a fireplace, which has a flue, but we don’t use it, because a) it’s a hassle cleaning the thing and b) cats. We have had the chimney, which is a sort of flue, cleaned, though, because we’re paranoid. We also have a flue in our kitchen for the exhaust fan over the stove, but we had a new hood installed and it vents out the front, so we don’t use it. A family of squirrels decided to try and make it their home, so we called the critter catchers out to evict them and close it off so they wouldn’t come back. We plan on having the kitchen remodeled (since it’s pretty much the same as it was when the house was built in 1976) and will most likely have it removed then.

(I know I’ve shared this before, but it’s just too good.) Now a word from Aeroflot Airlines.

On Aeroflot Airlines, the inflight movie watches you!

10 thoughts on “Airplanes and Chimneys #JusJoJan

  1. I am at that point with flying, John. I fly when I can’t drive or go by train. After I retire, the only flying I might do is to Minneapolis to visit my brother. I could drive that in about 18 hours, but it’s one of the very few direct flight options I have fro BDL.

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    1. BDL is a very expensive airport to fly in and out of, I’ve found. The only worse ones are Syracuse and Rochester. When I went to New Haven, I flew into LaGuardia and drove from there. It was a bit of a hassle, but about half the cost. Of course, now that I’m retired, I don’t have to get on a plane ever again….

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  2. I only enjoy flying in little planes, the same ones that make other people nervous. I dunno.
    I’m with you on the fireplace. I’m not saying they’re not lovely and cozy, but they’re also work to maintain. Now, in the kitchen, we have the faux flue with filter instead of exhaust. I love it, it works and it pleases me.


    1. You mean the little planes with about ten seats? Those are a trip. I took one from Sioux Falls to Pierre, South Dakota. As we were taxiing out to the runway, I heard this “thump! thump! thump!” behind me, looked and saw that the door was open. I had to walk up to the front of the plane and tap the pilot on the shoulder to get his attention. He made a quick u-turn back to the gate and cussed out the guy who was supposed to have closed it. I laughed that entire flight…

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      1. OH MY GOSH! Wow!
        Yes, those planes are kinda rocking and lull me to sleep. Big jets are unsettling, I always feel like I don’t have enough air. sigh — And imagine if someone left one of THOSE doors open!


        1. Open one of those while you’re inflight and a few people are going to get sucked out. The smaller planes can’t fly as high, so the ride is a little bumpier, but it’s not bad. I flew from Toronot to Washington, DC on one of the small ones, and we were in the clouds nearly the entire time. On the one hand, weird, on the other, pretty cool.

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