Send More Chuck Berry! #JusJoJan

Today’s prompt, sent to us by Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith (hi, Teresa!), is “undiscovered.” Not knowing what to do with it, I went to Pixabay and stuck it in their handy-dandy search engine, and turned up a half-dozen images or so created by a man named John Hain, all of which were variations on this theme:

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When I was much younger, I was taught that Earth was the only populated planet in the Universe. The older I get, the more I realize that, in a universe chock-full of stars, all or most of which host solar systems of varying sizes, there’s just gotta be at least one other planet that has sentient beings on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if that planet was in our very own solar system and we just haven’t gotten there yet. I wonder if they’re on Uranus, in which case, I wonder what their word for rectum is. Maybe it’s Earth.

I’m not 62, I’m 12 with 50 years of practice.

Seriously, though…

The question on a lot of people’s minds is, “if there are other sentient beings elsewhere in the Universe, why haven’t they made contact?” Those people should consider the Pioneer plaque, our message to civilizations outside the solar system.

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There was a cartoon years ago that showed a well-dressed man and woman looking at the plaque. The caption was “The people on Earth are a lot like us on Jupiter, except they don’t wear any clothes.”

Maybe, in some quiet corner of the Universe, the Pioneer plaque is hanging on a refrigerator door.

Evidently, the whole idea of a plaque was Carl Sagan’s. It might have made more sense if we had sent him instead.

Saturday Night Live, back in the days when it was actually funny and made sense, did a sketch about a panel show for psychics, one of whom was played by Steve Martin, who, according to his introduction, had correctly predicted every Time Magazine cover since the ’50’s. When they asked him for his prediction, he talked about how the Pioneer craft also carried recordings of sounds from Earth, including people saying “hello” and samples of music, everything from Beethoven symphonies to Chuck Berry, and that another civilization had found it and sent a merssage back to Earth:


And now, here are Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz for Philip Morris cigarettes.

Notice Lucy doesn’t light one herself. Apparently, her brand was Chesterfield, like my mother. The “CALL FOR PHILIP MORRRRR-EE-ISSSSSS!” was provided by Johnny Roventini.

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    1. The old commercials (the pre-1995 ones) were more focused on seling you a product, I think. Now it’s like they’re looking to win awards. Not that some of them aren’t clever (the AT&T commercials with Milana Vayntrub were hilarious, and the ones with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reading the text exchanges for Sprint were utterly inspired), but sometimes you wish they’d just tell you what they’re selling.

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