The Mid-January Week That Was

Here’s Muhammad Ali for d-Con four/gone. Wipes out roaches in a whole room!

The Week That Was

Things are settling back to normal now that Christmas and New Year’s are out of the way. Last Sunday was the Feast of the Epiphany, the traditional end of the Christmas season and the day that most people who had natural trees standing in their living room undecorated it and disposed of it, I hope in an environmentally-friendly way. Tomorrow is the Martin Luther King holiday in the US for some of you, so have a good day if you’re one of them.

You’ll notice I’m using a different format for the summary. Let me know how you like it.

This was Jim’s first week as the substitute host for Song Lyric Sunday, and he chose the theme “doctor/health/medicine.” I chose the song “Goin’ Down Slow,” a blues standard written by St. Louis Jimmy Oden, as sung by Howlin’ Wolf. It seemed to go over well.
We celebrated Elvis Presley’s 84th birthday with songs from him and his contemporaries.
Richard Elliot was the featured artist.
In my latest battle, featuring the same song by the same band using two different names and arrangements, ended with New Hope (the later incarnation) beating The Kit Kats 6-3.
This week’s quote was from Albert Schweitzer. I said it was the story of my life because it included music and cats.
I chose the prompt about “7 things that bring me joy,” despite the fact that I usually have trouble with prompts like that. From the comments I received, I did all right.
We headed north of the border to look at CHUM’s Top 10 on January 11, 1957. They were doing country music at the time.
Our prompt was to allow a piece of art to inspire our writing. I wrote about my ex-manager and the piece of artwork I wanted to give him as I was leaving.
Here are my Just Jot It January entries for the days not already covered.

  • Sunday‘s word, master, suggested Doctor Who’s archnemesis, The Master, played in the 1996 made-for-TV movie (which starred Paul McGann as our Gallifreyan hero) by Eric Roberts, whose sister, Julia, was born right here in Cobb County, Georgia.
  • Monday saw the word memento, which I initially read as momento (“moment” in Spanish). I shared some songs about mementoes, but left out one of the best: John Prine’s “Souvenirs.”
  • I used Tuesday’s word, self, as the first syllable of Selfridge and wrote about Mr. Selfridge who, after working for Marshall Field’s for close to a quarter-century, moved to London and started his own department store, which is still going.
  • Thursday, the word was sunrise, and it brought to mind the song “At The Sunrise,” from Chicago’s third album.
  • “Flew/flu/flue” was Friday’s prompt, one we had several years ago, but I did write something brand new and linked back to the old one.

Freebie day tomorrow, and I haven’t quite figured out what to do just yet. We’ll have another Battle of the Bands this Tuesday, which I think you’ll like. All the regular features will be back, as well as a week of Just Jot It January. I chose the prompt for Thursday, by the way.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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      1. Well, I am a fan of widgets, which is obvious on my blogs. I think widgets add interest and your use of them is very nice. Why not try it!


  1. I am on my desktop so lots of room to view the new format. The widgets on the left are a really nice touch.

    MLK is 1/21/19. Lulu and I debated this since she starts school tomorrow. She was all “MOM, I go to school there, you don’t! We start 1/14/19” said in her sarcastic are you sure you’re not still a teenage girl voice.

    There is also a big march here in SAT, one of the largest in the country. Very inspirational. The march ends at Pittman Sullivan park. I went to school at St. Gerard’s high school right next door.

    I was not sure about your rules on links so I copied this:

    The March is 2.75 miles and starts at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy, travels up Martin Luther King Drive, and ends at Pittman Sullivan Park, all on the City’s historic East Side. To maintain the spirit of the March and for the safety of participants, motorcycles, cars and other motor vehicles are not allowed in the March procession.

    I joke about being from the hood all the time. But things like this make it all worth it. So many memories of the neighborhood. Eastside Forever!!

    Happy Sunday John!

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    1. Links are fine, but thanks for copying it in. Here in Atlanta, Dr. King is like a cottage industry. I mean no disrespect to him by saying that, but I think if he were to see what was happening in his name, he’d be shocked. His kids had a huge and very public dispute over what to do with his possessions (e.g. his Bible and personal papers) that had to be settled in court. He wouldn’t have wanted that.

      I’ve heard from you and Eugenia that you like the columnar format, and thanks for letting me know. Do you think I should do the rest of the page like that (put the other sections in the same format)?

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      1. Hmmm good question on the formatting. I am not the best person to ask because I am not visual. I liked what I saw but I can’t picture the remaining changes. Though I will say sections work well for me.

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        1. I don’t think I’ll stay with it, at least not the way I did it here, because people reading it on their phons have a hard time with it. I’ll experiment and see what else I come up with, maybe have the text flow around the icon or something. Here I was doing it with tables.

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  2. Not complaining, as I was here firing the week, but I’m trying to read this on my phone and for the upper 80%, the text is a very small strip next to the images. It wraps at the 2nd or 3rd word.

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