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As I’ve done every year since becoming part of the MKMWFWW family, I’m going to list my twelve most-popular posts from 2018. This isn’t quite as easy as it seems, because I forgot how I did it in the past. I think I did it based on page views, and explained that I thought that those counts included the number of times the page was indexed by Google and other search engines, so I wasn’t sure how reliable those counts were.

So, I had to decide how to come up with a number that I could use to determine how popular my posts were. I decided that going by the number of comments and “likes” I received might be the best solution. Problem was, that would entail going through all 500 posts (well, 498) from last year and tallying all the comments and likes, and I thought that was a real drag. Instead, I put on my techie hat, downloaded the database of everything related to the Sound of One Hand Typing, installing WordPress on my computer (which also involved installing all the supporting software), and uploading the database to my local copy of the application, then running database queries to get the numbers of comments and likes.

Well, I learned in a real hurry that wasn’t going to work, at least for the likes, because that information isn’t kept on my database; it’s kept in a database at WordPress Central and I can’t get it. So, I was left with the comments. Which was fine: that’s a reasonably straightforward query to run. So I ran it, and wouldn’t you know, almost all of the top 12 posts were from the A to Z Challenge, which I do every April, specifically to get people to visit and comment on my blog. I eliminated those posts, and I had what I wanted. So, here are my Top 12 Non-A-to-Z Challenge blog posts from last year, based on the number of comments I received.

  1. A #socs Post of Epic Proportions Another weekly blog hop I participate in is Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where Linda Hill gives us a prompt and we take off with it. This particular prompt was “-ic” or “-ical,” and it was significant because I explained why I don’t like to use the word “hysterical” to describe something that’s very funny.
  2. Writer’s Workshop: You Can’t Go Home Again Written for this particular blog hop was my answer to the question, “What band or TV show would you like to see reunite?” My answer was Chicago, and there was much discussion about that.
  3. #1LinerWeds from Arte Johnson For another of Linda’s blog hops, this being One-Liner Wednesday. Arte Johnson, who was one of the stars of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, made an especially pithy statement about telling if your education was a ssuccess.
  4. Bill, Joe, and Precious Pupp #socs Linda picked “precious” as the prompt and all I could think of was Precious Pupp, a creation of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (Bill and Joe), who created an amazing number of (okay, not very good) cartoons for the new under-14 viewing audience back in the early days of TV. Turner Broadcasting, based here in Atlanta, bought MGM (who owned Hanna-Barbera Studios) in the late ’80’s, and I was almost hired to manage MGM’s database operation, but I decided it wasn’t worth moving to Los Angeles.
  5. Monday’s Music Moves Me: Songs About Remembering and Forgetting I was the guest conductor for M4 in May of last year, and chose the theme of songs about remembering and forgetting, and it was a popular post.
  6. A Pun For #1LinerWeds I’m not sure whether this was frequently commented upon because people liked puns or because I entered the “new badge” contest Linda was running.
  7. Writer’s Workshop: Eight (More) Favorite Candies Written for this here blog hop, I was to name eight candies I like. It would probably be easier for me to list the ones I don’t like. I had done this prompt previously, so this was an 8 additional candies.
  8. Monday’s Music Moves Me, Valentines’ Day Edition It was close to Valentine’s Day, so we picked love songs. I think I did a pretty good job.
  9. The Crew Cut In The First Row #socs I used the prompt “card” to reminisce about former WLS DJ Dex Card. I like when I can take the prompt in a whole ‘nother direction.
  10. Almost Nothing About Grills #socs The title should tell you that the prompt was “grill,” and should also give a clue about what happened when I got my paws on it.
  11. Monday’s Music Moves Me: Ten of My Favorite Albums I was tapped by someone on Facebook (which I spend very little time on) and asked about my ten favorite albums, so I answered it on the blog during a freebie M4 day.
  12. Monday’s Music Moves Me: Colors Again There are certain themes we return to on M4 on a fairly regular basis, and colors is one of them. Finding new ones to feature is getting harder…

Yeah, I do a lot of blog hops…

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: The Things I Do For This Blog…

  1. I am both impressed…and exhausted after reading about your quest, John.

    Mentally, I have a rundown of my best posts and, as others suggested, with the WP platform, one can easily go through everything to see the response rate but…you have taken it to a much higher level!


  2. John,

    Your blogging schedule is a busy one. I don’t know how you do all that you do but you do it darn well. I wanted to use this prompt but couldn’t figure out the best way to arrive at my 12 best posts, not to mention it would take more time than I had to invest. Maybe next year I can give it a stab. You were very methodical with your analysis of your post. I am going to check out some of the featured ones that I know I didn’t get a chance to read. Thanks for sharing!


    1. When I finished, I sat here and asked myself, “what in the WORLD possessed me to do that?” Next year, I think I won’t be as thorough. She said she wanted 12, which leads me to think that maybe I should just pick my favorite of each month.

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  3. Well you are much more precise about finding your best blog posts of the year! I think I just base mine off of which ones I particularly enjoyed the most myself. lol!


    1. I think I’ll do that next year. After I finished, I heard where all the salient information was and found a screen scraper to get it all into a file that I opened with Excel. Didn’t really make much of a difference, so the heck with it…


  4. Go to Dashboard, Posts, All Posts – you can see # of likes, # of messages and date published for each post. Plus, there are filters you can set – dates and categories.

    So, you were busy in 2018, John! Keep it up!


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