Serendipity-Do #JusJoJan

Just about three years ago (January 29, 2016), the prompt for Just Jot It January was “serendipity.” I’m happy to say that Jill, better knoqwn as J-Dub from J-Dub’s Grin and bear it (hi, Jill!) has chosen it again.

Back then, I wrote about The Serendipity Singers, a folk singing group from the Denver area who was popular in the ’60’s, as was folk music and the singers that sing it. I figured to just post a link to it (which I have, just above) and be done with it, but in looking at that post, it appears that Google is throwing a 500 – Internal error and the playlist that used to be there has been replaced by a string of computer vomit that I’m supposed to pass on to their highly-trained monkeys. While I’m off doing that, here are the first two songs from that playlist, “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)” and “Beans In My Ears.”

And now a word from Dippity-Do styling gel.

I have naturally very curly hair with a huge cowlick in front, which is hell to maintain and an embarrassment when I was in high school. A friend of mine, who had a similar predicament, said the way he handled it was to put lots of Dippity-Do in his hair and comb it straight back before bed, then comb it out the next day. Idiotic as it sounds, it actually works. Temporarily, anyway. A few years later I learned that I could just brush it straight back, which fixed the cowlick and a lot of the curl. Of course, when it got too long I looked a little like Albert Einstein…

(I would have included a picture of Einstein here, but the rules for posting the one I had considered are so convoluted that I decided just to link to the Wikipedia article with the picture.)

13 thoughts on “Serendipity-Do #JusJoJan

  1. I remember both of those songs. Such fun in remembering old music and what it meant to us then. I remember the gooey stuff well but never used it. Always had a short pixie cut to control my curls. Thanks for the memories.


  2. I had no idea serendipity was used before. That first song … the “Crooked Man” part is very similar to a rhyme we used to repeat in school. Never heard of “Beans in my Ears” … until today that is. lol

    Dippity Do is the best. I loved when my sister let me borrow some of hers.


    1. I don’t think you were running with this crowd when it was used. I had forgotten it had been used myself; I knew I had talked about The Serendipity Singers and was searching for them when I found the original post. Ah well, no harm done.

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  3. LOL that Einstein. I can see how Dippity Do might work for that! Remember Don’t Let the Rain Come Down but not the beans in the ears one.


    1. “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down” was as close as they got to chart fame. A lot of radio stations refused to play “Beans In My Ears” out of concerns from local doctors who thought kids might actually stick beans in their ears.

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