Monday’s Music Moves Me: Out Of The Shadows

Our prompt from our mystery conductor this week is “songs about shadows.” Here are 8 songs about shadows and 2 by bands with “shadow” as part of their name.

  1. The Beatles, “Cry For A Shadow” The only instrumental the Beatles ever did, which never appeared on an album until the first Anthology came out in late 1995. Written by John Lennon and George Harrison, it probably just started out as something they did to tune up or while to kill time on or off-stage.
  2. The Four Tops, “Standing In The Shadows of Love” One that I suspect will be on a lot of people’s playlists today. Written by the team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, the Four Tops released it as a single in 1966 and it reached #6 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the R&B chart.
  3. Astrud Gilberto, “The Shadow Of Your Smile” Written by Johnny Mandel with lyrics by Paul Francis Weber, it was the love theme for the 1965 movie The Sandpiper which starred Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and was directed by Vincente Minnelli. The lovely Senhora Gilberto used it as the title track for her 1965 album.
  4. Andy Gibb, “Shadow Dancing” Sorry, Dan… The baby brother of Barry, Robin and Maurice recorded this in 1978 as the title track for his hit album. It spent seven weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 and probably had a lot to do with his relationshiop with Dallas beauty Victoria Principal.
  5. Lindsey Stirling, “Shadows” YouTube has done a lot to bring talented musicians to everyone’s attention, and one of the more prominent is violinist/performance artist/composer/singer Lindsey Stirling, who started her YouTube channel in 2007. To play the violin well is difficult enough, but to play the violin well while dancing as well as she does is remarkable.
  6. Florina, “In The Shadows” Famous Birthdays tells us she’s a “French singer/songwriter who rose to fame after she began recording cover versions of popular top 40 hits and publishing them on her FlorinaXPerez YouTube channel. She has garnered over 350,000 subscribers on the platform.” This was a performance from the French TV show Destination Eurovision, which was intended to choose the singer who would represent France in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (held this year in Tel Aviv). She placed 8th, due mostly to the fact that none of the judges (who came from Armenia, Israel, Portugal, Serbia and the UK) voted for her.
  7. Aero Chord, “Shadoqws (feat. Nevve)” Alex Vlastas (aka Aero Chord) is, according to Wikipedia, “a Greek electronic trap producer.” He recorded this for Monstercat, his label, last year. Interesting stuff.
  8. Chromatics, “Shadow” Chromatics are an American electronic music band from Portland, Oregon. This was played at the end of the two-hour premiere of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival in 2007.
  9. The Shadows of Knight, “Gloria” A Chicago area garage band who came into some prominence in 1966 with their cover of Them’s “Gloria,” which many radio stations were reluctant to play because of some of the lyrics. SoK’s version omitted the lyrics and as a result rose to #10 on the Hot 100 and #7 on the Cash Box survey.
  10. The Shadows, “Apache” The Shadows were a British instrumental band (who never quite made it in the US) led by Hank Marvin (the nerdy guy in the glasses). Their cover of “Apache” topped the British charts for five weeks in 1960. Jørgen Ingmann’s cover, which was recorded in 1960 but released in 1961, reached #2 in the US and Canada.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 21, 2019.

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20 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Out Of The Shadows

  1. So many songs with shadow in the title. Who knew? Some of these were new to me. I knew there was a 60s band The Shadows along with the Shadows of Night but didn’t have time to research it.


  2. Okay, never heard the first tune, but mmmmm The Four Tops… come on John dance with me! Woo Hoo! I feel like I’m back in high school at a dance… hahahaha~ That takes a lot of imagination my friend! hahaha… Okay, you really have so many great tunes here together. Now I had the Shadow of your Smile too, but one of many versions & many of our rockers had Andy Gibb (so sad about him… great talent taken so young) & oh wow, thanks John… I love Lindsay & her violin & dancing to great tunes. She is sooooo talented don’t you think? Florina, “In The Shadows” is very talented as you said & she would’ve definitely had my vote. Aero Chord is very nice too, but that’s a new one on me and you next tune fan-tab-u-lous!!! Have a great night my friend & thanks for rockin’ it on the dance floor with me!


    1. The first one was never released. If you don’t have them, the Beatles’ Anthology albums are good to have, particularly the first one, because they do a lot of covers that never made it to any of their albums.

      I think just about every easy-listening singer covered “The Shadow of Your Smile.” Tony Bennett had the biggest hit with it, but there are too many covers to mention.

      I feel badly for Barry Gibb. He’s the oldest brother and the rest are gone.


  3. I always learn something from your posts, John, so….I listened to the Beatles song and had to find out more so I found out it was written in 1961 as a parady of the style of a hit British instrumental group called The Shadows. The Shadows, in turn, covered Apache (your last video) but it’s a little different from the version of Apache I’m familar with (Jörgen Ingmann). And…I like The Shadows better. Have you done a BoTB on Apache with these two versions? Thank you for the wonderful set.


    1. I try to avoid the songs I think everyone else will choose, but inevitably there’s going to be some duplication. I picked Lindsey Stirling’s “Shadows” thinking no one else would, and here three or four others have picked it, likely because they also figured, “no one will ever think of this…” Shows what I know…


  4. That Beatles song sounds a bit like Hawaiian music to me. I expected to see Elvis with his bevy of gals:). Some I know well like Gloria which I love and I know the last song as well. I didn’t care for Florina because she sounded pitchy especially near the end. I love Lindsey and her amazing violin playing while dancing. She was on Dancing With The Stars and it was interesting to hear the issues she came across. Yes, she was an excellent dancer but I don’t think she won.


    1. With Florina, the question has to be “is she a bad singer, or a good singer who had a bad night?” A lot of the comments said that the song was too mainstream, so maybe the answer is “good singer, lousy choice of songs.” I dunno…

      I’d never seen Lindsey dance or heard much from her (I think Tina Guo covered one of her songs), so she just blew me away. It’s hard enough to play the violin, but to dance at the same time?


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